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Soultraveler: this is information and excerpts regarding my book entitled "the soul is a traveler in time"


I am a psychic who has communicated with U.F.0.'S and angels.

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Even as a small child Irwyn Greif visualized himself flying through space and being able to change his physical body into one of pure thought. Then, at the age of twenty-four, he was granted an intense psychic vision in which he experienced his own birth. At that moment he first encountered the angels in charge of his psychic development and learned of the powers that control time and space, life and death. Following this, Greif realized his destiny in life was to be a link between this and other worlds--a kind of Space Age psychic and messenger. Since that time he has been granted much knowledge into the nature of the universe, had flashbacks of his own past lives, been granted glimpses of life on other worlds, and even been transported to the lost Atlantis. The wisdom he has gained on these "journeys" he shares with readers in "The Soul Is a Traveler in Time". For those interested in what lies beyond our five senses, beyond our earthly plane, and even beyond our galaxy, this is a work that cannot be missed. Autographed copies of this hardcover copyrighted book may be purchased by check or money order at the special discount price of $14(which includes shipping charges) from Irwyn Greif 518 N.W.Cortina Lane,Port St.Lucie,Florida 34986.If you have any questions you can reach Irwyn Greif at....

In 1956, as I was studying the skies over Brooklyn with the aid of an eight power pair of binoculars I saw in the region of the Great Dipper that one of the stars seemed to detach itself from the formation and drift away. As I focused the binoculars on this bright object, I realized that I was looking at a ball of amber colored Light that had passed in front of the star formation. I looked through the binoculars and I also looked with my naked eyes but I failed to see any physical structure on this ball of light and my psychic sense told me that I was witnessing the flight of a UFO made of light which contained no metal or solid structure., I "felt" at that time that this UFO was a messenger who traveled regularly through this road in the sky to bring communications to the different fleets of UFOs.

I recall another memorable experience with a UFO. It was on a day in July, 1962, at exactly 3:40 P.M. and I was hurrying to my job as a clerk at the Grand Central Post Office. I recall the exact time because I had to punch my time card to start work at 4 P.M. and I only had 20 minutes to meet this deadline.I was south of Lexington Avenue and on East 42 Street in Manhattan and walking very briskly while trying to dodge the heavy pedestrian traffic. As I was looking straight ahead I suddenly felt the back of my head lose all sensation as if an area of about five inches in diameter had become numb. This feeling of numbness was very similar to the feeling one experiences when a foot or arm "falls asleep" due to the pinching off of a nerve.

Then I saw with amazing clarity, as if I had an eye in the back of my head a disc shaped spacecraft which I "knew" to be about 250 miles above the Earth. This craft was gently rocking back and forth as if on a gentle magnetic breeze. I was able to "see" into the interior of this spacecraft whose dimensions I sensed to be about eighteen feet in diameter by about nine feet high and I "saw" three "men" inside this craft.These "men" were all about five feet seven inches tall. They all had white skin, black hair, gray eyes and they all looked identical in appearance. They were each dressed in a gray colored mechanics type coverall which had no buttons or zippers or any apparent method of opening or closing this garment. One "man" had his back to me and was seated on a raised plastic type molded chair and he was facing a crescent shaped keyboard of many different colored lights. This keyboard somehow reminded me of the music organ at Radio City Music Hall.

I "knew" that this keyboard was the operating panel for this spaceship. Another "man" was walking from the left side of the vessel toward the center. The third "man" was bent over a central support column which ran from the ceiling to the floor and made me think of the center axis of a gyroscope. He was peering into a black binocular type sighting device which somehow reminded me of a Norton bomb sight. I realized that he was watching me through this instrument. >p>Then I saw what looked like a steel cable coming from the bottom of the spacecraft and connecting to the back of my head and although I "knew" that it was not a physical cable I sensed that it was to show me that a radio connection had been made from this spaceship to my brain. A branch then came out at an angle from the cable and I "knew" it was connected to the brain of my wife. The cable followed my every movement as I dodged the human traffic on the street and I felt connected mentally to that spaceship.

During the day at work I tried to believe that this experience had really happened to me but it was so unbelievable that my mind was tempted to dismiss it as a hallucination. When I returned that night after work within a block of my house I saw a brilliant flash of silver light streak from one end of the sky to the other like the blurred movement of a silver colored, metallic object. This silver light traveled across the sky at a speed almost too fast for the eye to follow. As I saw the flash I looked at my watch and I saw that the time was exactly 3:40 A.M., exactly 12 hours after the U.F.O. sighting experience. I took this to be a confirmation from the spacecraft that my experience had been real.

About 1973 I was giving a lecture in Montreal at a Spiritualist Church and my lecture subject was "U.F.O.s and angel worlds". The audience were mostly French Canadians who understood very little english. I was speaking at a high level of inspiration and as I lectured I thought to myself, why am I speaking on such a high level when most of the audience cannot understand english? At this time I looked at some of the faces in the audience and my attention was drawn to two "men" who were seated in the center row. When I looked at their eyes I "knew" they were not of this world. There was the "calmness of angels" in their eyes and I "knew" they were U.F.O. beings. I realized that they were raising the frequency of my lecture in order to raise the audience to a higher level.

After the lecture while I was seated in the rear of the church these two "men" came over to me and they smiled at me. One of these "men" said,"That was a fine lecture, Mr. Greif" and the other "man" said, "You are the first "real" human being that I have met." This referred to the higher symbolic language that I was taught, that "Human" is a state of higher awareness when we realize our angelic selves.

In one particular instance this was dramatically demonstrated to me. I was doing a lecture for some patients of a woman psychiatrist whom I shall call Dr. Barbara.I was speaking about angel worlds and outer space and I was very tuned up and the whole room was super charged with psychic electricity. When I was at a high point in this lecture suddenly the psychiatrist and two of her patients got very excited and they pointed to me.

I asked them, "what is the matter? what do you see?" And they all said the same thing, "We see a seven foot being standing behind you on the wall dressed in a metallic silver space suit." Then we saw him merge into you, walk out through the left of you and go through the wall and another identical being dressed the same way then took his place."

Somehow I had raised the frequency of the room with the power of my lecture high enough to bring in an angel from another world who was on that higher frequency. We can bring beings from another world into a room if we can raise the frequency of the room to allow them to "tune in" to our world frequency.

Consider the Shaman in Tibet who can project himself to any part of Tibet to see what is happening while he physically is there in the room meditating. He has learned to mind travel. He is bending time and space by some form of mental power.

We all have this mental power. At one time or another we all have traveled somewhere. Perhaps it was in a special dream we had where we felt we were somewhere else. We must have traveled with the mind at that instant, must have mentally bent time and gone somewhere that we "knew" was somewhere else. We have magical powers and infinite qualities in the unknown dimensions of our minds. The mind is the magic carpet of time.

I would like to share my experiences and teachings with new age souls who are searching for answers to who they are and where they came from. I have written a book entitled "The Soul Is A Traveler In Time" which you can purchase directly from me and I am also interested in discussions regarding the new age. You can contact me at my e-mail address....

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