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Welcome to my homepage. If you don't watch Highlander surf on.

This page was created to express my admiration for the actor Peter Wingfield. He played Methos on the TV show Highlander. Now he can be found on COLD SQUAD Fridays on CTV as the mysterious Inspector Ross. Starting in March of 1999 he will be appearing in the new Howard Gordon production Strange World on ABC. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that he will be appearing in the new Highlander movie, and there's always a chance that he will be able to reprise his role as Methos in a new Panzer/Davis show in the year least we hope he will. METHOS CHRONICLES....YES! This talented actor also has appeared in many BBC TV productions and guest starred on the Sentinel and Viper.

This is my first homepage so please forgive the amatuerish nature of the structure. Highlander is a favorite hobby of mine and I enjoy the interaction and enthusiasm of it's fans. I am a member of the clan MacFru and frequently post at the Rysher forum. I have included the link for you below. Hello to all my friends in ROGland.

Check out one of my poems at my friend Brightgirl's site. I've included a link to my Highlander fanfiction at the links part of the page. But be warned, my fanfic is NC-17 and I'm rather fond of the slash genre. So, if you DON'T know what that is then DON'T GO THERE! My slash is always Duncan/Methos, because like Maygra, believe the boys belong together. Visit my other links, too. There is always information about PW to be passed along to the deprived. Cheers!

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