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Tired of: .....rough flaky skin - hair like straw - spots all over bathroom and kitchen fixtures - laundry that feels like burlap - plaque on your teeth - using a squeegee on washed windows - ice cubes that leave "stuff" in the bottom of your glass after they melt.....

Let me tell you how to soften your residential water yourself for 1-100th the cost of a commercially-purchased softener using the forces of nature.

Purchase your own supplies from the local hardware store for under $8 for a house, $8.00 for a two bathroom apartment, $1.60 for a soft shower while traveling (it's portable) ~~ install with the flick of a wrist, and have soft water for the rest of your life.

Add luxury to your life and have "happy water" without outrageous expenses.

"Happy Water" has a surface tension reduction of approximately 10%, enabeling it to "confuse" the binding forces of hard water particles, like calcium carbonate and have the benefit to feel and act like commercially-softened water but with no chemicals added.



We are not able to prescribe, advocate, give any medical advice or make any medical claims.

Purchase Agreement. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for safe and proper use of these devices and agrees to indemnify and hold us harmless from any consumer claims against these products or their ultimate use.


The previous link to The Federal Technology Alert, "Non-Chemical Technologies for Scale and Hardness Control," was developed by the New Technology Demonstration Program under the DOE, Office of Federal Energy Management Programs (FEMP). The DOE retired the document, removed from print and the FEMP web site, and it is no longer available.

See Page Two for Installation Details
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