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In Tribute
1945 - 1999
Joe Hager
(aka) Smokin' Joe Beamer

Joe was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1945. Following graduation from Camden High School in Camden, New Jersey in 1963, he began  his radio career at WRSU, the campus radio station, while attending Rutgers University.  Leaving college, he joined radio station WMID in Atlantic City in 1965, but was drafted into the U.S. Army later that year and served in the Republic of Vietnam during 1966 and 1967 as a Munitions Specialist.  Following his tour of duty, Joe returned to radio as a DeeJay. (see adjoining list)

On November 1989, he joined WAIV in Jacksonville to do the Afternoon Show, just in time for the New Year's Eve debut of COOL 96.9 ... WKQL-FM. 

His featured afternoon show, "The Top Five at 5" included the top five songs of the week from the golden years of Rock N' Roll.

Joe died in the early morning hours of February 23, 1999 and is survived by his family and wife, Andrea.

Smokin' Joe Beamer

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Smokin' Joe Beamer

Station List
(AKA 'Smokin Joe Hager')

WNJH [Hammonton NJ]1964
WMID [Atlantic City NJ]1965
WWBZ [Vineland NJ]1967
WAMS [Wilmington DE]1968
WWCO [Waterbury CT]1968
WAVZ [New Haven CT]1969 Air Check
WDRC [Hartford CT]1969 (as 'Highgear')
WAVZ [New Haven CT]1972
WIFE [Indianapolis IN]1972 (as 'Mutha Bear')
KSTP [St. Paul MN]1973
KDWB [Minneapolis MN]1975
WIVY [Jacksonville FL]1979
WAIV [Jacksonville]1980
WCKX [Tampa FL]1982
WQYK [St. Petersburg FL]1982 (as 'The Nighthawk')
WFLZ [Tampa Bay]1989
WYUU [Tampa Bay]1989
WKQL [Jacksonville]1989 (as 'Smokin' Joe Beamer)

Last aired:  PM Drive at Oldies WKQL-FM (COOL 96.9), Jacksonville, Florida.

Smokin' Joe with Wolfman Jack

With special thanks to 440Satisfaction, WKQL Cool 96.9, Steve Knight, and for supplying written and audio material. Permission for use of audio material granted.
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