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UPDATED 01/14/99

Welcome to our page. While this page is designed for Shindo Ryu Karate practitioners, any student of the traditional arts will find information here about their style, kata and/or techniques. Though there are many schools of thought within the many traditional karate circles...ALL of them are good and have value.This page is updated very regularly so please dig around and if you have any questions write to me. New links will also be added on a regular basis.
- Renshi Andrew Blackburn

Kyu Kata
Yudansha Kata
Kobudo (weapons)
Promotions, Competitions & News
About Renshi A. Blackburn
A. Blackburn Traditional Karate Dojo
Sensei's Thoughts (Movie & Book review and more)
Our Links Page
Goshin Budo Jiujitsu
Traditional Karate Association Homepage

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