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South Florida Breeding Center


We are now taking orders for 1997 and 1998 hatchlings ,please email.

All animals are Captive Bred and Guaranteed
Banded California Kingsnakes California King,L. g. californiae,desert phase kings with very wide white circles ,there will be some 50/50's in this group$25-$40
Florida Kingsnakes Florida King,L. g. floridana,the female is a Brooksi phase real light yellow ,the male is a darker phased . Great snakes ,very tame.$35-$50
Pueblan Milksnakes Pueblan Milksnake,L. t. cambelli, is found in south central Mexico. Their patterns are very clear and distinct.$40-$60
Sinaloan Milksnakes Sinaloan Milksnakes,L. t. sinaloae, this subspecies is one of the most beautiful milksnakes.Wide red rings completely encircle the body . Little or no black tipping.$40-$50
Trinket Ratsnakes Common Trinket snake.Elaphe helena,found throughout India. Reaches an adult length of about five feet. Most will feed on frozen rodents.
Deckert Ratsnakes Deckert Ratsnake ,Elaphe obsoleta deckerti,occurs in the northen Florida Keys. They retain most of their juvenile pattern of blotches as well as the adult stripes . Similar to both theYellow and Everglades subspecies
Okeetee Cornsnakes Red Corns,E. g.guttata, Awesome orange corns has a very considerable amount of fire orange in there ground color. Very handsome cornsnakes.
Rosy Ratsnakes Rosy Ratsnake,Elaphe guttata rosacea,occurs in the middle and lower Florida Keys . Bright silvery orange colors with little or no black checking.
Western Hognose Western Hognose,Heterodon nasicus nasicus ,light brown with yellowish-brownish blotches. Adults rarely exceed two feet.These little babies are Great Pets . Good starter pets.The breeders all feed on frozen rodents.

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