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SE Florida - Sites & Operators

Jupiter/Tequesta to Islamorada

Last Updated 8/24/97



Rather than focusing on each trip, this page will focus on sites and operators. We have dived many

sites more than once, beginning in September 1993. General format will be starting up north with

Jupiter/Tequesta and working south to Islamorada: 1) operator and 2) sites. Note that at the northern

areas there is primarily drift diving reefs and a few wrecks, Miami area wrecks and reefs, and Keys

area reefs and wrecks, often with excellent visibility. As we dive new sites and more operators we will

add to this webpage.


Adventure Scuba - comfortable boat, efficient, accommodating crew; very experienced,

safety-oriented owner/captain, John Larsen who will sometimes lead one of the groups; good boat and

dive site briefings; because of changing weather conditions, strong currents, heavy surface traffic,

deeper dives and pristine reefs, the more experienced, physically-fit, diver using computer will better

appreciate the full benefits of this adventure - Drift Diving. Dived 7/5-6/97.

Drift Dive Leigh's Ledges - 78 feet.

Drift Dive Loggerhead Run - 73 feet.

Drift Dive Juno Ball Reef - 82 feet.

Drift Dive Loggerhead Run - 73 feet.

West Palm Beach

Jim Abernathy's Scuba Adventures - Their larger boat, "Deep Obsession," is very comfortable and

has a hot shower. Traffic management with the maximum number of divers aboard is extremely

efficient, with different groups entering/exiting at different times. The experienced captain and crew

are able to work with all levels of certification and are able to anticipate the best way to manage the

divers. Onboard compressor fills tanks through long fill whips. A very safe, fun and educational

experience. - Drift Diving. Dived 8/17/97 - present.

Drift Dive South Double Ledges - 91 feet.

Drift Dive North Breakers - 62 feet.

Drift Dive Tear Drop - 57 feet.

Drift Dive North Breakers (King Neptune statue) - 61 feet.


Rampage Dive Charters - large and spacious; efficient, friendly, helpful crew; very experienced,

safety-oriented captain, Bob Johnson; leisurely caters to all levels of diver experience - Drift Diving.

Dived 3/23/97 & 6/1/97.

Drift Dive Flower Gardens Reef - 52 feet.

Drift Dive Breakers Reef - 64 feet.

Drift Dive Paul's Reef - 57 feet.


Gold Coast Divers - several boats, knowledgeable and helpful crew - Drift Diving. Dived 9/2/95.

Drift Dive onto wreck of *Mizpah* - 80 feet.

Drift Dive the Trench - 60 feet.

Boynton Beach

Splashdown Divers - very comfortable boat, the "regular" patrons outgoing and friendly, crew, hot

water shower inside and captain very aware and supportive - healthy snacks between dives provided -

Drift Diving. Dived 6/22/96 - present.

Drift Dive Delray Ledges - 66 feet.

Drift Dive Black Condos - 64 feet.

Drift Dive Gulfstream Reef - 66 feet.

Drift Dive Gazebo Reef and Lynn's Reef - 74 feet.

Anchor Dive wreck of Captain Tony - 88 feet.

Drift Dive Castle Reef - 65 feet.

Drift Dive Pitt Stop Reef - 65 feet.

Pompano Beach

Lighthouse Dive Center (at Hillsboro Inlet) - quite a few boats (6-packs thru large) available with

various charter captains, "Fathoms O' Fun" is a large, fast boat using a submersible dive platform

rather than ladders - knowledgeable and helpful captain and crew - Drift Diving. Dived 8/4/96.

Drift Dive Sharks Ledges (no sharks - from the air reef looks like one) - 58 feet.

Drift Dive The Caves (large and delicate "tabletop overhangs") - 27 feet.


Mike Halprin's "Seahorse" (dive charter) - extremely comfortable boat. Chris (divemaster/

instructor) gave one of the finest, most complete boat briefings we have ever enjoyed, and he

provided everybody just the right amount of attention. Captain Mike's site briefings detailed the

underwater geography on a whiteboard, and what to expect under present conditions. Each buddy

team was provided a flag/float and let loose to explore on their own. Ice water, sodas, peanuts and

pretzels included free, but sometimes a surprise of pineapple slices and tootsie rolls are brought out

during surface intervals. Warm-water showers were a pleasure. While some trips make provision for

OW classes and less-experienced divers, most of these trips are best enjoyed by the self-reliant diver

holding advanced certification levels, using computer and compass. - Drift Diving. Dived 7/26/97 -


Posted Dive Schedule

M, T, W, F = 2-tank trip at 12pm

Thursday = 3-tank trip at 10:30am (wreck & 2 reefs)

S & Su = 2-tank trips at 8am & 1pm

Drift Dive Sanctuary Reef - 54 feet.

Drift Dive Opal Reef - 35 feet.

Drift Dive Anglin's Reef - 61 feet.

Drift Dive Pompano Dropoff & Copenhagen Wreck - 32 feet.

Ft. Lauderdale

Pro Dive - large, very comfortable boat, very knowledgeable, attentive crew, very safety- conscious.

Only drawback is having to pay for parking in the hotel's lot. General Profile is wreck and shallow

reef. Dived 12/9//93 - 9/10/95.

Copenhagen Wreck - 35 feet.

Big Twin Ledge - 40 feet.

Green Ledges - 35 feet.


Divers Unlimited - The *Diversion* is a large, comfortable boat, both captain and DM very

knowledgeable and supportive, good briefings. General Profile is a deep wreck and a shallow reef.

Frequents Ft. Lauderdale sites. Dived 12/19/93 - 5/26/96.

Jay Scutti Wreck - (In season - real Christmas tree - decorated) - 80-90 feet.

Separated Rocks - 30 feet.

Mercedes I Wreck - 80 feet.

Caves - 30 feet.

Fisherman's Pedestal - 30 feet.

Robert Edmister Wreck - 75 feet.

Crack & Orange Reef - 30 feet.

Jim Atria Wreck - 110 feet.


H2O Scuba - new state-of-the-art dive boat, *H2O Diver* is captained by well-known Rick Smith

and DM Kent (a great team), and holds 14 max. divers. To handle the overflow on popular days, H2O

Scuba has other boats and operators on tap. Their parking lot and dock are just behind the store,

making for easy access, and air fills on the spot. One stop does it all. I am a little biased because I got

Rescue and DM certifications here. In addition to being 5-Star PADI, they are also a center for

technical diving and Nitrox fills are available. The owner and instructors are top-notch and they

provide precisely the right amount of attention required by divers of varying degrees of experience.

General Profile is a deep wreck and a shallow reef. Dived 8/31/93 to the present.

Mercedes I Wreck - 95 feet.

Broken Rocks - 20 feet.

C-One Wreck - 70-80 feet.

Little Trench - 30-35 feet.

Graceland - 20-25 feet.

Miss Karleen Wreck - 60 feet.

Moray Reef - 50 feet.

Tenneco Towers - 100-110 feet.

Deep Trench - 60-65 feet.

Tortuga Wreck - 110 feet.

C-One, Concepcion, Russian Tug Wrecks - 74 feet.

Fantasy Reef - (reef with 10 ft walls on E and W sides) - 54 feet.

The Crane - (night dive around coral heads) - 86 feet.

Wreck Trek - (Miss Karleen, Miss Patricia, Shrimp boat, Radio antennas, Billie's Barge, Rock Pile) -

60 feet.

Army Tanks & #7 Wreck - 54 feet.

Deep Rock Pile - 68 feet.

The Pillars - (night dive) - 45 feet.

Norwall Wreck - 123 feet.

Rock Pile - 39 feet.

Dredge Pipe Reef - 35 feet.

Deep Freeze Wreck - 132 feet.

Fish Hole - 45 feet.


Florida Divers (Ken Kraft) - his 6-pack, open, fanny-banger is based out of Northbay Village. Very

professional and reaches many sites. Cash only. Dived 10/23/93.

C-One Wreck - 75 feet.

Ken's Canyon - (aka Deep Trench) - 60 feet.


RJ Adventures - large boats, located in South Beach Marina - more southern Miami sites. Dived


Mine Car Reef - (nice drift dive) - 60 feet.

Barracuda Reef - 30 feet.

Belzona Barge - 35 feet.

Key Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Underwater Park, Inc. - extremely safety-oriented captain and crew; only

licensed operation in the park; pristine reefs; giant-stride entry from about 3.5 feet down from the

spacious deck of a catamaran. Exit on very user-friendly ladder with wooden treads about 4 inches

wide. Most dives are done with boat anchored. With an ever-present moderate to strong current, these

dives are better-appreciated by the more experienced, physically-fit diver. All bottom times are

planned using the RDP - but allowance is made for computers. Beginning of dive into the current and

usage of campass recommended. Standard 2-dive profile is deep and then shallow (under 33fsw). A

special dive on the weekends, conditions permitting, is a drift dive on a sheer wall beginning at 60fsw

down to 110fsw. Dived 7-2-97.

Park Place Slope - 81 feet.

Rocky Reef (a horshoe shape) - 32 feet.

Key Largo

Atlantis Dive Center - Captain Spencer Slate's well-known operation - extremely safety-oriented -

good briefings by very knowledgeable DMs. Large boats. Many very user-friendly dives for the new

diver. Also, deep dives in currents for the advanced diver. Check for discount coupon in the free

publication, "Florida Keys." Dived 9/26/93 - 8/17/96.

The Wall - 25 feet.

Dry Rocks (Statue of Christ) - 25-30 feet.

Chain Wreck on the Elbow - 35 feet.

South Ledges - 30 feet.

Horseshoe Reef - 25 feet.

North Key Largo Dry Rocks - 25 feet.

Duane Wreck - 100 feet.

Benwood Wreck - 45 feet.

North Dry Rocks - 25 feet.

North Dry Rocks - 25 feet.

City of Washington (wreckage) - 28 feet.

Train Wheels - 31 feet.


Lady Cyana Divers - *Lady Cyana III* is huge, fast boat with so much space the 20 divers onboard

were almost invisible. DMs give some of the most complete, informative briefings we've ever heard.

Dived 7/13/96.

Eagle (Aron K) Wreck - 109 feet.

Alligator Gully - 24 feet.

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