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This site is dedicated to anyone who's life has been affected by Pedicle Screws.Thousands of these surgeries are performed in America every year, the fortunate ones improve, others are "screw'd."

With the help of my friends at the Pedicle Screw list, we are putting together this information to help educate and inform the public about these screws. Most of us believe that our side of the screw issue should be told. Things like informed consent and Off-label were never explained to most of us. Nor were other options.
We now suffer relentless pain, moving metal and shared side effects, so we continue to look for answers in a confusing world of medical jargon. The statistical reports show a success rate between 78 and 90%. Can we trust these stats? We are only after the truth! So we keep searching and along the way we share our knowledge and experiences and become empowered.

We offer you our own experiences. If there is ever to be a unbiased study about these screws, our voices must be heard. Our lives may have been ruined, but our spirit remains.

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