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May 21 2000
The Sawgrass Herpetological Society Reptile and Amphibian Fair
Don't worry you aren't to late for the next BIG show
Scheduled for September 2000

No matter what you wanted in a reptile it was there. Your picture with a snake, or a snake for the living room ! Lizards were everywhere . " This show is a good one!" Says Greg Blankinship of North Lauderdale "We came here looking for an Iguana. But I am leaving with a box of crickets and a new chameleon for our backyard. My wife told me she does not care for reptiles. But she bought a yellow Leopard Gecko . And we had a lot of fun here."
  Part of the fun was the Professional talk given during the show hours by none other than the head of the educational committee Mike Brennan along with help from Chris Everhart, Chris Brennan, and what looks like 10 to 15 very dedicated volunteers.
 A jam packed building was easy to navigate even for a reporter with a full camera bag and a recorder. "Why can't other shows be like this one ? Easy to get to, Cheap admission, and really nice people selling the reptiles and other related items , Courteous people working at all parts of the building offering helpful suggestions when asked questions ?" Asked Gladis Bielen of Stanford Ct.visiting reltives in Margate. "Stuff like this is not even going on where I come from." Gladis had purchased a small lizard that eats ants ???

Shows are really a good place to bring the kids ! Just dress them up like a six year old and they can get in for free.. The guy with the hat on was complaining he was an older dude " Hey I'm not six ! "

This guy sells flys for a living ! 
Jerry Tresser The owner of the Drosophilia Company Located in Margate florida


The welcoming committee
Everything was selling ! 
Even the ones that jump out of the container

A good time was had by all who came ! 
See ya again in September
Thank you  !