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The Sawgrass Herpetological Society
 Non-Venomous, Non-Profit

Membership Application



City:_______________________________ State:______________Zip:_________

New Membership:_________________ Renewing Membership:______________

Are you willing to help with club activities ?________

Are you willing to attend a board meeting ?________

Are you willing to serve on committees for the club?_______________

Special Interests:
Lizards ______________Amphibians______________Snakes______________Crocodilians_____________

Mmembership rates are:
Individual   $18.00/year
Current FLHS $10.00 already member of another florida society. 
Family  $20.00/year Number of children:____
Sustaining  $25.00/year (US)
Contributing $50.00/year

Print this form and mail with check to:

The Sawgrass Herpetological Society
PO Box 23189
Fort Lauderdale Florida 33307

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