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Pictures of the Auction held May 3 2000
Special thanks to:
Gary DePalma ,Mike Brennan, David McClean, Deon Collins
For their donations to the raffle

Southern Hognose
Owner: Frank Menser
 No, this animal was not up for auction .. It's rare !

Gary Dapalma (the Prez) Gives another great performance as auctioneer.
Two auctions per year Gary always does his best to entertain all of us .
 This year he was challenged  with a $50.00 donation to the club if he would shave his beard

Oakatee RedRat
Brandi Brent
Just look at her !
Can you see the "shop till you drop" syndrome developing

Speckled King
Julie Orr
 An experenced shopper... Julie calmly makes a purchase !


Rat Hybred
Srinivas Munna
 The man of the evening.
He got the Hybred Red rat for "POCKET CHANGE"

Funny Cobra
Yea ! Yea !  Mark ... We know you are cool now .....
Everyone was interested in the Funny Cobra that was a
spur of the moment purchase by the Prez himself
From EBay auction on the internet

Diamond Carpet Cross

His Diamond/Carpet Python just said Hello to Vince "Python style "
 All Vince could say was " Hey it bites"

Mississippi Mud
April & Alex  Stephen
All Ritty Then .. The Famous Mississippi Mud "empty" Beer Bottle was purchased again .
This time buy April Alex and Stephen

Mex Black R
 Frank saw Julie doing a little purchasing and was not going to be shown up !

A plant !
$ ?.??  Mike Brennan
Enough said .

Motley Rat
Julie Orr
 Now then Julie and frank settled down with the last purchase of the evening ..
 Three snakes. a soda, and rumor has it some bean soup mix ???

This guy got a MOUSE IN HIS POCKET ?

Deon Collins
 Deon donated a really nice corn snake .
Then he sat in this chair trying to figure out how to play phone tag with all his buddy's with cell phones