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The Un-Official Rob Thomas Fan Club

December 27, 1997 - May 20, 2000

I would like to thank everyone that visited this site, enjoyed its contents, and praised the talent it displayed.  When I shut down the site, I did not give much explanation, nor did I alter the front page to reflect my decision.  I feel as though a proper statement should be said, rather than an empty link.  There is no longer an Un-Official Rob Thomas Fan Club, and all pictures, interviews, etc. that were posted on this site have been removed.  Thanks for the fun times, guys.  For all of you in the music assured that you will hear from me again someday.  (:


"I'm not angry it's never been enough
it gets inside and it tears you up
I'm not angry but I've never been above it
you see through me don't you." - Rob Thomas