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1/4/22 Playlist ★彡DAVID BOWIE Birthday Celebration for his 75th ! - 25th Anniversary of his 50th Bday at Madison Square Gardens, 2002 Jonathan Ross interview and fan blasts from the past.

12/28/21 Playlist ✨🥂✨The Ramoana New Year Experience, all sorts of time songs/tunes to ring in the New Year and David Bowie 1995 Taratata talks about new info regarding Outside!

12/21/21 Playlist ❄️☃️The Ramoana Christmas Experience, now with more David Bowie snow songs!

12/14/21 Playlist AMan Selects TIME for his birthday (12/15) all sorts of DAVID BOWIE time songs, reverse Album & great Birthday greets from several listeners, for his 70th birthday!

12/7/21 Playlist Brooshski Selects for his birthday (12/7) DAVID BOWIE BBC 2000 complete! and more Bowie treats, and Tin Machine too in celebration of the Broosh!

11/30/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE Cleveland 1972, more alternate/live Ziggy Stardust, Mott the Hoople, Omikron & more!

11/23/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE - and Tony Visconti 1999 Rockline with fan questions, Baal, Gigolo and a bit for Dublin Reality 18th Anniversary.

11/16/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE Kansas City 2004 - a super feed recording of this Reality show and a fan gets Bowie's sweat! New Slinky Vagabond, now for a 6 Dec release - King Boy Vandals, also Black Market music and a couple Neil Young faves for his birthday (11/12/1945).

11/9/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE ~ Anaheim CA 1974 - the last Diamond Dogs show, Bowie switches to Soul at the end! 1973 interview with Cherry Vanilla, quite interesting and unique! Also, a set for Lulu's birthday.

11/2/21 Playlist 1997 DAVID BOWIE ~ Santiago Chile rockin' show and Acoustic radio interview David Bowie & Reeves Gabrels, Sigma Studios 10/2/1997 as well as Bowie faves for our 32nd Anniversary!

10/26/21 Playlist 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓡𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓪𝓷𝓪 ӇƛԼԼƠƜЄЄƝ 𝓔𝔁𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓬𝓮~ 🎃all sorts of Wicked David Bowie & more, some new to us!

10/19/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE ~ The rest of The Chili Pepper 1997, wickedly beautiful Outside Rehearsals & more wicked as well as new Karma Man & Silly Boy Blue!

10/12/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE ~ Most of the longest Bowie show in history - Ft. Lauderdale 8 Oct 1997, William Shatner becomes a Space Oddity on the Blue Origin (10/13), and Dandy Warhols in the mix!

10/5/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE Outside celebrations with Toulon 1996 and Outside Outtakes. Also Toy Extras and Scary Monsters segue.

9/28/21 Playlist Marc Bolan Tribute pt II - Early Bolan, John Peel sessions & more. David Bowie Paris 1976 pt 2 - slated to be the top TWD show, although the recording is not aces. In memory of Robin Mayhew who passed away 9/25- Hammersmith Odeon July 3 1973.

9/21/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE ֆtylophone/Scotland 1983/Paris 1976 pt 1.

9/14/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE Musikladen & more 1978, with half the show - Marc Bolan remembrance, sadly gone too soon 16 Sept 1977 - Unchained and lots of Bolan, T.Rex treats also with Bowie connections. More 1978 treats too.

9/7/21 Playlist DAVID BOWIE ★ Tin Machine II 30th Anniversary - 1991 interview with Tin Machine, Fan Questions & more gems from the era. Also Reeves Gabrels tracks.

8/31/21 Playlist David Bowie ✨🕷️Glass Spider NYC Rehearsals April 1987 - a whole new way to hear the songs with a happy Bowie without the tour strappings! Includes a couple songs that did not make the tour! More Bowie and gems from The Rolling Stones too!

8/24/21 Playlist David Bowie Hammersmith 2002 - perhaps the 3rd longest Bowie show! Also, a couple Rolling Stones for Charlie Watts, and more Bowie treats.

8/17/21 Playlist David Bowie ℛЄαʟɪтy 18th Anniversary - 19.8.2003 Poughkeepsie Rehearsal Show, 2003 interview with fan questions I always wanted to know, Reality film.

8/10/21 Playlist Early David Bowie, Bowie Beckenham Oddity, Pierrot in Turquoise, more Bowie & Hutch, Life on Mars 50th Anniversary & more.

8/3/21 Playlist MTV 40th Anniversary - David Bowie MTV treats - Bowie talks about making videos in 1981, presents his videos in 1993 and more! *Because David Bowie was ahead of his time on making videos too! And a selection of our fave videos.

7/27/21 Playlist ஐ BOWIE & HUTCH ஐ - in Tribute to John 'Hutch' Hutchinson - early recordings, the Mercury demos, Love You Til Tuesday Film, 1973 Japan. Also Ava Cherry!

7/20/21 Playlist David Bowie FASHIONஐﻬ - a journey through David Bowie songs with fashion in them, designers and trendsetting Bowie throughout his years!

7/13/21 Playlist David Bowie Live Aid 36th Anniversary/fan stories, 1990 Rockin' in Rio, song derivatives and more!

7/6/21 Playlist David Bowie and the transformation from Diamond Dog to Soulman - Boston 1974 July and November and interviews/documentary bits regarding more from the era!

6/29/21 Playlist David Bowie Labyrinth 35th Anniversary, AOL Sessions. Celebrating Debbie Harry's 76th Birthday this week (7/1) with 19 of our fave Blondie/Deborah Harry throughout the playlist and Classic Singles: Heroes fills the bill!

6/22/21 Playlist David Bowie 🏵️1996 Monte Carlo, Bowie song derivatives, summer fun and more!

6/15/21 Playlist David Bowie 🌹Roseland 2000 21st Anniversary - all of the 16th of June 2000 show, as it was the best of the mini-tour, and highlights from the 19th Bowienet Show, and the Beeb!

6/8/21 Playlist David Bowie 19th Anniversary Roseland 2002 the debut of the Heathen album - all of Low, then all of Heathen and more from the era! Also, part of my Bowie mix for the pre-Tibet show.

6/1/21 Playlist David Bowie Atlantic City 29-5-2004, and Cowboy Duke /Country-Western Bowie rides again, despite his quote.

5/25/21 Playlist Celebrating my 20th Anniversary of Net Radio (5/22/2001) with David Bowie Cover Series by DJ Angel, AMan's Top 10 and more blasts from the past TransmissionTransition days! Also Celeb Birthdays - Bob Dylan, Mick Ronson, Kylie Minogue and Pete Townsend talks about his Bowie friendship and blows us away!

5/18/21 Playlist 1995 David Bowie with NIN, including backstage bit (and another 1995 set!), 1997 radio interview w/crudles and lots of cohort birthdays too, new wicked covers & more!

5/11/21 Playlist 😸Ode to cats with a dozen Bowie cat songs, and David Bowie 1997 Toronto show, the 2nd night, fills the hot bill!

5/4/21 Playlist Ade Selects David Bowie for his birthday (5/6) with all sorts of interesting selections, contributions and his red organ (again!). Gnomefest 2021 and Reverse Metrobolist fills the bill too!

4/27/21 Playlist David Bowie ~ The Hype - Feb 5 1970 John Peel - debut of Mick Ronson/Pierrot In Turquoise/The Hype in Sound of The 70's March 1970 - all in The Width of A Circle set releasing 28 May, and more from the 70/71 era - Arnold Corns etc.

4/20/21 Playlist David Bowie 1990 Japan / Aladdin Sane 48th Anniversary / GODZILLA 👾 / єคгtђ Day🌎 and a real surprising gem from Soulman Reeves Gabrels Love TKO.

4/13/21 Playlist David Bowie Tin Machine treats including LAX, new interview bits and more Tin Machine era gems! Keanan Duffty and his Slinky Vagabond release a new single and it's a beauty! -- from new album King Boy Vandals. Also, early Bowie stalker songs.

4/6/21 Playlist David Bowie 24th Anniversary Black Tie White Noise with new to us 1993 interview bits, pub songs, more car/driving!

3/30/21 Playlist David Bowie in the Serious Moonlight Scotland with Serious Easter Chick hair🐤! Bunny things for Easter, April Foolishness, Car songs too!

3/23/21 Playlist David Bowie complete 1999 Kit Kat Klub with extra banter in between and the 5 missing tracks from BLA#6 to make up for that fiasco! Absolute Beginners s/t 35th Anniversary, and 25th Anniversary of David Bowie at the Brit Awards 1996. Also cool mashups from the Bowienet mashup contest and covers.

3/16/21 Playlist David Bowie in Dublin 1997, some Dublin Reality ~ For St. Patrick's Day ☘️💙☘️ and more!

3/9/21 Playlist David Bowie ~ in his frilly shirt rockin' Argentina Rock Fest 1990, and more gems of the Bowie kind! Also a real treat from Reeves Gabrels & Bill Nelson from their Fantastic Guitars album!

3/2/21 Playlist Various David Bowie in motion - planes, trains, automobiles and boats! ✈️🚆🚗⛵ For PJ's birthday (3/1), as well as a few other PJ gems.

2/23/21 Playlist David Bowie ~ Phoenix Festival 1997 new compilation - Look At The Moon goes well with Mars Landing celebration/Space Oddities 🌑

2/16/21 Playlist David Bowie ~ Something In The Airwaves - mostly new to us 1999 compilation TV and radio appearances, collaborations & more!

2/9/21 Playlist Select David Bowie for the birthday listeners this week - Lopy (2/10) and original Stargirl (2/13) - collaborations, live Bowie, or rarely played in the mix. Also a bit of a salute to Mary Wilson in the last hour of the show.

2/2/21 Playlist David Bowie - A very engaging David Bowie talks with fans and more in Conversations with Bowie 1979, 1978 live, and more from the Berlin Trilogy era.

1/26/21 Playlist David Bowie - Celebrating the Return of the Thin White Duke - 45th Anniversary of Station to Station album with Seattle 1976 show, some Christiane F. s/t and start of Conversations with Bowie 1979.

1/19/21 Playlist David Bowie 2002 Maida Vale. Also 1974 Sigma & Astronettes Sessions for SoulManBrabs for his birthday (1/21). as well as other Bowie gems. Some Art-Crime Inc in the mix from the remarkable Dublin Bowie Festival and talented RJAB's latest!

1/12/21 Playlist David Bowie - more Bowie Evolution, more Bowie Celebrations, Gnomefest 2021, 1999 WB Awards.

1/5/21 Playlist David Bowie Birthday Bash ~ Bowie Evolution, Supper Club 1997.Also Jimmy Page connection, Bowie covers Elvis in 2002.

12/29/20 Playlist The Ramoana New Year Experience ~ all sorts of David Bowie & more to ring out the old and ring in the New Year! New Years resolutions *don't take any wooden nickels, especially from Charlatans! And a selection of the marvelous 2020 Bowie releases, there were so many!

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