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4/13/21 Playlist David Bowie Tin Machine treats including LAX, new interview bits and more Tin Machine era gems! Keanan Duffty and his Slinky Vagabond release a new single and it's a beauty! -- from new album King Boy Vandals. Also, early Bowie stalker songs.

4/6/21 Playlist David Bowie 24th Anniversary Black Tie White Noise with new to us 1993 interview bits, pub songs, more car/driving!

3/30/21 Playlist David Bowie in the Serious Moonlight Scotland with Serious Easter Chick hair🐤! Bunny things for Easter, April Foolishness, Car songs too!

3/23/21 Playlist David Bowie complete 1999 Kit Kat Klub with extra banter in between and the 5 missing tracks from BLA#6 to make up for that fiasco! Absolute Beginners s/t 35th Anniversary, and 25th Anniversary of David Bowie at the Brit Awards 1996. Also cool mashups from the Bowienet mashup contest and covers.

3/16/21 Playlist David Bowie in Dublin 1997, some Dublin Reality ~ For St. Patrick's Day ☘️💙☘️ and more!

3/9/21 Playlist David Bowie ~ in his frilly shirt rockin' Argentina Rock Fest 1990, and more gems of the Bowie kind! Also a real treat from Reeves Gabrels & Bill Nelson from their Fantastic Guitars album!

3/2/21 Playlist Various David Bowie in motion - planes, trains, automobiles and boats! ✈️🚆🚗⛵ For PJ's birthday (3/1), as well as a few other PJ gems.

2/23/21 Playlist David Bowie ~ Phoenix Festival 1997 new compilation - Look At The Moon goes well with Mars Landing celebration/Space Oddities 🌑

2/16/21 Playlist David Bowie ~ Something In The Airwaves - mostly new to us 1999 compilation TV and radio appearances, collaborations & more!

2/9/21 Playlist Select David Bowie for the birthday listeners this week - Lopy (2/10) and original Stargirl (2/13) - collaborations, live Bowie, or rarely played in the mix. Also a bit of a salute to Mary Wilson in the last hour of the show.

2/2/21 Playlist David Bowie - A very engaging David Bowie talks with fans and more in Conversations with Bowie 1979, 1978 live, and more from the Berlin Trilogy era.

1/26/21 Playlist David Bowie - Celebrating the Return of the Thin White Duke - 45th Anniversary of Station to Station album with Seattle 1976 show, some Christiane F. s/t and start of Conversations with Bowie 1979.

1/19/21 Playlist David Bowie 2002 Maida Vale. Also 1974 Sigma & Astronettes Sessions for SoulManBrabs for his birthday (1/21). as well as other Bowie gems. Some Art-Crime Inc in the mix from the remarkable Dublin Bowie Festival and talented RJAB's latest!

1/12/21 Playlist David Bowie - more Bowie Evolution, more Bowie Celebrations, Gnomefest 2021, 1999 WB Awards.

1/5/21 Playlist David Bowie Birthday Bash ~ Bowie Evolution, Supper Club 1997.Also Jimmy Page connection, Bowie covers Elvis in 2002.

12/29/20 Playlist The Ramoana New Year Experience ~ all sorts of David Bowie & more to ring out the old and ring in the New Year! New Years resolutions *don't take any wooden nickels, especially from Charlatans! And a selection of the marvelous 2020 Bowie releases, there were so many!

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