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11/24/20 Playlist David Bowie Reality - Buffalo, NY cut with London Ontario, unbroadcasted White Room 1995 and more Bowie gems!

11/17/20 Playlist David Bowie🎶🎷 Saxy & Jazzy - Various Bowie including interview about Jazz, a bit of Ricky Gervais and The Pixies

11/10/20 Playlist David Bowie 1995 NEC Birmingham in celebration of the next Brilliant Live set (No Trendy Rechauffe), Bowie Oddities, a few from Metrobolist makes an appearance & more!

11/3/20 Playlist David Bowie 1995 Ouvrez Le Chien, Oostende Belgium 2002 for our 31st Anniversary, as we were there, and Election tunes.

10/27/20 Playlist The Ramoana ӇƛԼԼƠƜЄЄƝ Experience - 🦇Wicked David Bowie and more scary treats! Some new to us frights as well!

10/20/20 Playlist David Bowie Scary Monsters Chronicles, Montreux Jazz Festival 2002 Low section and more, also new KY and RJAB!

10/13/20 Playlist Єαʀтɧʟɪηɢ David Bowie - Boston 1997 in entirety, drum n bass and more from 1997, and blasts from the past birthday greets for my upcoming birthday (10/18).

10/6/20 Playlist David Bowie 1971 - Bowpromo, John Peel and the debut of Hunky Dory, 1971 Aylesbury. Also Tom Wilcox overs Tom Waits, celebrating Phil's birthday and faves from The Next Day!

9/29/20 Playlist David Bowie & Marc Bolan - Birth of Glam Part 2, Bolan and Bowie rareties - Alternate Ziggy Stardust and more!

9/22/20 Playlist David Bowie - debut performance of the Outside tour (part) Hartford CT September 14 1995, complete performance of David Bowie & Mike Garson NYC charity Sept 18 1995, not just the My Death. And more 1995 treats in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Outside album. Jools Holland 1995 and 1999 and salute to Fame 45th anniversary.

9/15/20 Playlist David Bowie & Marc Bolan & the birth of Glam, TV, Bowie and Jagger talk about Marc Bolan, Ziggy era treats too!

9/8/20 Playlist David Bowie - w/Klaus Nomi 1979, Johnny Carson 1980, KMTT 1997 interview and first 'Always Crashing in the Same Car' since Princess Di's untimely death, 1980 Floor Show, and Bowie & Bolan - including 2009 Tony Visconti interview working with both!

9/1/20 Playlist David Bowie - The Duke vs The Soulman! - 1976 Vancouver Rehearsals, and new Soul Tour 74 release shows a funkadelic Bowie like never before! Also Kristeen Young and more!

8/25/20 Playlist David Bowie - 1995 Glasgow show and the interview there regarding Morrissey leaving the tour and the backlash. Also addictive Bowie and a sci-fi/pella set for Jessi - for her birthday (8/24)!

8/18/20 Playlist Celebrating David Bowie 17th Anniversary of Poughkeepsie Reality w/60 Minutes interview. Also the 51st Anniversary of Bowie Beckenham Oddity with some Early Bowie too!

8/11/20 Playlist David Bowie Paris 1999 in entirety, as well as a 1999 interview. Various Bowie including a Cosmic Space Gnome of Ade's, stylophonin' and more!

8/4/20 Playlist Salute to one of our fave listeners and a Viking, Radar, with highlights from David Bowie Quart Festival Norway 2002 and interview. Also, David Bowie Milton Keynes 1990 show for the 30th Anniversary.

7/28/20 Playlist David Bowie Japanese Influences / salute to Kansai Yamamoto, 1973 Tokyo show ~ Ziggy Tour, with a twist of some 80's in the mix.

7/21/20 Playlist David Bowie ~ 1987 Sydney crackin' Serious Moonlight Show and various artists' 80's songs we love!

7/14/20 Playlist David Bowie ~ He's The Commander - 1983 Austin, 1983 interview Sakamoto with Bowie, Bowie stories from others, and more!

7/7/20 Playlist David Bowie ~ various 1995 including Ouvre Le Chien and in NYC for charity.

6/30/20 Playlist David Bowie ~Bliss Bowie and Bowie In His Own Words talking about his career, music and inspirations.

6/23/20 Playlist David Bowie ~Ziggy at the Beeb ~ fun set of David Bowie 1970 - 1972, Ray Davies/The Kinks and Bowie connections, Escape Lockdown ~ Info and some of the amazing artists involved in this charity event David Bowie championed and supported!

6/16/20 Playlist David Bowie ~The 20th Anniversary of Roseland 2000 - we air all of the 16th of June 2000 Roseland show, 19th Roseland Show highlights and unreleased Bowie at the Beeb!

6/9/20 Playlist David Bowie ~ Tin Machine II treats including new to me extd mixes, 1995 Sheffield show in entirety and a bit of Sweet!

6/2/20 Playlist David Bowie ~ 1974 LA - a fave and time to hear it again, also more David Bowie Famous Songs (also famous bands) and more Bowie treats!

5/26/20 Playlist David Bowie ~ New Sound & Vision compilation from Music Legends magazine (and some 1990 interview bits I added), David Bowie Famous Songs - the famous people in them!

5/19/20 Playlist David Bowie ~ Salute to Phil May of Pretty Things w/ Bowie connections, David Bowie is the VJ/DJ and presents in 1993, The David Bowie Story - Falling Down, Standing Up.

5/12/20 Playlist David Bowie The Thin White Duke Rotterdam 76 takes over a bit. Also, tributes to Dave Greenfield of The Stranglers, Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk & The Fabulous Little Richard!

5/5/20 Playlist Ade Selects David Bowie for his birthday (5/6) includes new selections from Ade for his friends, some David Bowie Bridge Benefit 96 and Santa Monica 1972 and selections from his past birthday show too! Note: Due to net interruptions this show is 2 hours and 43 mins instead of 3½ hours.

4/28/20 Playlist David Bowie with Reeves Gabrels Acoustic Live 1997 - fun and funny Q&A with 6 acoustic tracks, then 60's Bowie takes over the show - Early On, Love You Till Tuesday film and more!

4/21/20 Playlist David Bowie Budapest 1997 in entirety - 2 tracks not on the first boot and a better recording! Also 1997 interview and more Bowie treats.

4/14/20 Playlist David Bowie Vs Iggy Pop Reprise - and listeners vote on the same versions of songs from both! Aladdin Sane album turns 47!

4/7/20 Playlist David Bowie Musique Plus 1999, Black Tie White Noise album extras/outtakes for the 27th Anniversary, 2 David Bowie A&E Live By Request bits and more!

3/31/20 Playlist David Bowie Outside Rehearsals (some NEW), outtakes, Is It Any Wonder EP, new Ava Cherry and more! Outside treats are in celebration of Dek Magazine special Bowie issue - exclusive 1. Outside content and character insights of the Corsham Street Sessions April 1995.

3/24/20 Playlist David Bowie Beacon Theatre NYC 2002 - new to us/great recording and Bowie banter between songs! AMan attended this fantastic show. Also, more music to get us through self-isolation from the Coronavirus.

3/17/20 Playlist David Bowie - a lovely Serious Moonlight - 1983-05-30 San Bernadino CA, Coronavirus announcements.

3/10/20 Playlist David Bowie Early 70's - The Sunday Show 1970, Trident Studios 1972, 45th 50th and 55th Bowie anniversaries, celebrating International Women's Day and The Next Day turns 7 years old!

3/3/20 Playlist David Bowie Sound & Vision Rehearsals, Bowie mistakes and gems (new Joe the Lion soundcheck, Alabama Song Live) and, Bowie songs we love to hate by some of our famous listeners!

2/25/20 Playlist David Bowie Vienna 1978, 2 interview bits of the era, salute to George Harrison, Young American mixes for the 45th Anniversary.

2/18/20 Playlist David Bowie Earthling Rehearsal - Hanover Grand 1997, 4 different Fun mixes, and lots more!

2/11/20 Playlist David Bowie Loreley Festival 1996. more era treats and picks for 2 Birthdays - JLope (2/10) and Tuija (2/13).

2/4/20 Playlist David Bowie Єαℛтhʟɪng Celebration - 23 years - 1997 Toronto Warehouse show, LAW treats, new 97 and more!

1/28/20 Playlist David Bowie in a rather chatty and funny Reality show we have not aired before - Mohegan Sun June 2004, also some soul/funky Bowie treats and more!

1/21/20 Playlist Brabs Selects David Bowie for his birthday (1/21) - Brabs takes us through his Bowie years and experiences for a marvelous and unique playlist. Also The Riot Squad takes over the RaM Overtime section.

1/14/20 Playlist David Bowie Tributes & Celebrations 2020, Gnomefest and Listener Requests. Also the 30 mins of RaM Overtime is now when I am live as well as Encores.

1/7/20 Playlist David Bowie Birthday Broadcast ~ Acoustic Session & Interview from 8th January 1997 (we aired hours BEFORE ChangesNowBowie announcement!) - the whole broadcast is aired as well as more Bowie treats to celebrate his 73rd birthday.

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