What is a polymath?

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(Etymology: Greek polymathEs very learned, from poly- + manthanein to learn)

The dictionary definition of a polymath is a very learned person, of encyclopedic knowledge. There is also the connotation of having an understanding deeper than that found in an encyclopedia, that is, an expert in many fields.

Anyone can be a polymath as long as he or she has the right motivation. A polymath is not necessarily a brain. In fact, a polymath usually does not think of his or herself as being particularly smart, only curious. Curiosity and interest are the true motivation for work, both intellectual work and the nitty gritty of hands on inventing. Thomas Edison said that genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. He had a passion for getting his hands dirty, for tinkering, for inventing through trial and error. The polymath makes lots of mistakes. This is how new sciences are created.

The brain requires constant exercise and continues to develop throughout life, save for disease and abuse. The polymath tries to exercises all parts of the brain. It is more than just acquiring general knowledge, not essentially memorization although some ability to remember is required. The polymath seeks to develop a highly tuned mental processing unit (MPU), which is really the computer everyone should be most concerned with. The polymath strives to preserve consciousness. It is the mind in control of emotions, but also the genuine integration of feelings and sensibilities with thought, so the polymath is also a poet, a composer, an artist, or a novelist perhaps.

In the heart of the true visionary lies a realm of reality known only to those who share in the dream. To these souls, the spirit of said adventure lives on.

The Guides of Old have breathed life into what was once only a fantasy and now exists in the minds of the true seekers of enlightenment: Those parties who wish to transcend the normal, go beyond the ordinary, stretch the linear experience.

For those brave pilgrims, there is another place, a real place, open only to those with the open minds capable of viewing the vivid valley where knowledge and its inate beauty is shared, where all physical distinctions are erased and no gender, race or disabilities exist. Where air and fire can swirl about to spark a new model - a finer, higher existence - based on truthful self knowledge, shared intelligence and the advancement of both science and the arts.

Welcome to the Polymath Society International!