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Investing on the Web is an online course hosted by ZDU (Ziff-Davis University) and taught by Brad Hill. Designed for individual investors who want to become empowered by Internet investing tools, Investing on the Web is both an introduction and a more advanced discussion forum. The course takes place in message-board format, and Brad Hill answers every posted question within twenty-four hours. Click here to view the course outline.

What students say about Investing on the Web:

"This is the best class I've taken at zdu thus far."

"Truly, this is the best class I've ever taken online. Why go back to a college when an online college class can be much better?"

"This was second time around and it seemed like a totally different class."

"I loved everything about this class."

"This was an amazing class! You folks, as well as all of our classmates, were patient, understanding, informative, committed and motivational."

"I'm back in class for more. Couldn't resist. It's a fabulous class and there is always more to learn."

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