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After countless hours on the web, I noticed many pages devoted to the "best" anime characters of all time. Far too few of these pages dealt with the (far more entertaining) task of listing the complete opposite: the most obnoxious characters.

So, being the catty person I am, I have decided to correct this situation with "Baka Baka"... the Ruri Hoshino way of stating "too many idiots"... a webpage devoted to exposing anime shmoes for what they are. While currently I have mainly males on this site, I'll be working on expanding the females section soon.

I'll accept nominations at . Just send me the name of the character, the show they're from, and the reason they must be inshrined in this mall of shame.

So far I have three main nomination catagories, but feel free to add suggestions for others as well.

I'd also like to remind you to take this page with a grain of salt. I've gotten quite a few complaints about the site being mean. The site is all in good fun though and it's ment to be a joke, not something serious. If you see a character you love on here, just laugh it off... we all have to defend characters we like sometimes. There are some characters on this site that even I like, but someone else didn't and had some funny points so I put them up anyway. The page here is ment for enjoyment purposes... not to personally mess with anyone's head.

Update: July 30, 2002.... Now that I have a bit less school (only taking 1 summer class right now) I've finally gotten around to updating thins page with some nominations that have been sitting in my email inbox for months. New to baka Baka are:

  • Shinji Ikari from "Evangelion"
  • Goku from "Dragnoball"
  • and Usagi/Sailor Moon (do I even need to mention what show she's from?! ;) )
  • Also, I've gotten some questions about Tiger Tail ice cream since I use it as a punishment so much. Want to know more about it? Visit "Tiger Tail Torture". Another new addition is the links page that will bring you a plethora of pages about characters and things about anime that annoy other people enough that they too made their own site about it. See below for the link.

    "Baka na koto Otoko" or "Male Stupidity"
    The long awaited new Male Stupidity page 2!!
    Heartless Heartbreakers
    "Shoujo no Bakarashii" or "Ridiculous Girls"
    My new page of links to other anime hate sites

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