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Matts' Basketball Article & Fan Page

Matts' Basketball Article & Fan Page My name is Matthew. My dream is to become a sports anaylst when I get older. I'm a die hard basketball. Well let me tell you a little about my site. All writing done on this site is by me. I work hard doing it. I have a lot of pride in my work. Please read and spread to your friends. I'd like you to know before I write I do take time to do research on the topic that I'm writing about. Please feel free to send me your comments. NBA Western Playoff Preview With only 20 games left in the regular season the playoffs begin to come up in our minds. Who is going to be there? How will they do? how did they get there. Through out the regular season we've heard about two teams. The Portland trail Blazers and the Los Angeles Lakers. These two teams have had the best records through out the season. They are both explosive teams that are hard to beat. There are four teams in the west that will contend for a NBA Title. Eight teams will make the playoffs but It will be dominated by these four. This could be the last chance for the Utah Jazz. Hornacek will call it quit at the end of the season. they can win it this year but more than Jeff, John and Karl have to show up. Three people decide the Jazz futre. Gregg Ostertag and Olden Polynice are two of those men. With all the big men in the west they will have to guard them. They gotta play good defense and stay out of foul trouble. They also need to rebound better. The third man of great importance is Byron Russell.He is crucial to the Jazz offense. His scoreing opens up everybody else. When Byron has score more than 15 points in a game the Jazz are almost unbeatable. The Jazz can do it, but those three men will be the ones that do it. The San Antonio Spurs can do it again. They house the most dominant scoreing duo in the NBA. That offense hasn't been as dominating because of the loss of Sean Elliot. He hasn't been there to hit the outside shot. Jaren Jackson hasn't hit that outside shot either. Those two are crucial to the twin tower offense. Sean Elliots return should help the Spurs make their final run to the playoffs. His return helps on the court but more mentaly and emotionaly. If the guys see Sean Playin well it should help inspire them to play better. Portland was a preseason favorite by many.There starting five is superb in Stoudamire, Smith, Pippen, wallace, and Sabonis. They also have a plethora of great bench players in Scremp, Grant, Wells, O'neal, and Anthony. Almost all those players can score. rashhed Wallace is the man that makes it or breaks it for Portland. If plays well and will let the refs do there jobs Portland will win it. The Los Angeles Lakers are the team to beat right now. Shaq is playing his best and so is the rest of the team. They have played the triangle offense almost perfect. They have a good starting five and a good bench. Shaq, Kobe, and Glen decide there fate. Shaq is so overpowering and will score on anybody. Bryant will score a lot as well. Glen has to step up and show his talent. He has one of the best shots in the NBA. Behind it and Kobe and Shaq the lakers might just do it. The title is ripe for the picking. Either of those four teams will win it. Nobody in the east can beat any of these four teams. My money is going on the Portland Trail Blazers to win the title. I think they have to many weapons for anybody. You can't count any of the other teams out. One thing is garunteed to us. The playoffs will be there and wil be great. Quick Note Remember to send me your comments at I would really like to know what you think. Also there is a link below advertising AOL. If you don't have AOL consider joining. They offer many benefits and things for you to enjoy. You will also be helping me and this site out. Thanks a lot. -Matt- best Basketball webpage in the World
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