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Last updated: June 12, 2002


Super Sport Owners Association

Worldwide Camaro Association

 Lou's Camaro SS #1002

(This awesome graphic created by Tomcat - 1999 Camaro SS #640)

The Short Stick Shift Handle for M6 F-Bodies

Hooters girls Candy and Melissa with the Short Stick !!

Be sure to check out the pictures from the Hooters Car Show below!!

  New pictures of Short Stick Equipped F-Bodies  


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(New pics added 1/1/02)

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Hooters Car Show
March 11, 2000
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Here are more pictures of my 98 SS, some of my friend's Z28s, some F-Bodies from the 98 Street Nationals in Orlando, and a few other cool F-Bodies...

My SS (front)

My SS (rear)

My 98 SS Plaque

My 98 SS Grill

My LS1 w/Direct-Flo lid

Zaino Pics

Lou's Loud Mouth

Street Nationals 1
30th Anniversary 97 SS

Street Nationals 2
Smokin' em!!

Street Nationals 3
98 Camaro

Scott G's 1997 SS #676 at Daytona Speedway

98 Wheelstander!!

Blaine's Gold 98 SS

JK and his 97 Z28

Remember the E ticket ride at Disney World?

Jimmy G's Pewter 00 SS

Fire and Ice

Jimmy's Custom Grill

Didn't anyone ever tell you that smoking is bad for you?

Lou's SS featured in Cool Cars, The Orlando Sentinel, Thursday,
February 18, 1999

This site has received Bill's Z28 Hot Spot Gold Award !!


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Florida-Based Clubs/Groups/Racetracks

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Florida Association of Syclones and Typhoons (FAST)

The Burnout Box - Central Florida Drag Racing

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 98 LS1 Recall Information  

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