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Christopher's Science Home Page

Click here to see Galaxy.avi 1750K! Welcome to my page! Hope you have a fun time looking at the science projects. You can use my science projects for all kinds of science fairs. Here is one to start: First you need an old cardboard tube. You can get these from used up cling wrap or gift wrap or aluminum foil or you get the idea! Next you cut out four triangles of balsa wood no thicker than one-fourth of an inch. These wil be you fins and they will help guide the rocket and keep it from swishing around. After that you take a piece of paper and roll it into a cone. This will be the rocket's nose. Then you take some string and tape in the body and tape the other end to the nosecone. that will be the shock cord so you don't lose your nose. Fit the nosecone into the tube. No glue on your fins with wood glue. Let it dry overnight. Then you can tape the fins to add strength. Next, you go out and buy a model rocket starter kit- be cause those come with launchers. Then you buy the extra engines which are in the same aisle at the store. You can find them in Walmart. Wrap some paper around them so that they fit inside the tube snugly. Put the igniter in the engine and the plug on top of that and put the aligator clips on both sides of the igniter. Take the plug off of the launcher. Count down from ten to one. At five you put the plugger in the launcher thing. At one, you press it and keep your finger on it until it shoots up! Enjoy the show! And don't hit any airplanes!!!!

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Last Updated: 6 July 1998

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