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K9 Search and Rescue of South Florida, Inc., is an all volunteer,
non-profit, charitable organization that was formed in December, 1992, by a
group of concerned citizens who saw the need for a Search & Rescue group in
Southwest Florida. This highly trained group was formed after the large
scale destruction left behind by Hurricane Andrew in August, 1992. Each
member shares a love for the dogs and are willing to complete extensive
training and conduct searches day or night in any kind of weather. We are an
emergency resource available at a moment's notice to assist law enforcement
and emergency management personnel in Search and Rescue operations by
locating lost / missing victims as a result of a missing child, alzheimer's
or mentally handicapped patient walk off, drownings, victims of foul play,
and natural (hurricare, flood, tornado) or man-made disasters. We have
501(c)(3) tax status with the IRS and rely on donations from the public and
corporate sector for operating expenses and equipment purchases. Those
imterested in making a donation please refer to the DONATION page.

We are here to provide a service free of charge to the communities of
Southwest Florida, and we are available at a moments notice to assist other
agencies in the State of Florida.

K9 Search and Rescue of South Florida, Inc., would rather be called and
and not be needed, than to be needed and not be called!

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