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CAUTION!  Before starting this exercise, check with a doctor to be sure that
you have
no injuries to which  this can cause increased injury.
Hold right arm upright from elbow.  Bend hand toward body or back of arm with
palm up.  With left hand apply gentle pressure to right hand as shown, mashing down
 on fingers causing  a feeling of tightness, but not pain, to the inner wrist/arm area. 
Maintain pressure for slow count of 10.  Release for a few seconds and repeat
proceedure for 6-10 times.  Do this at least twice per day, more often if there is no
real pain when applying pressure.  If there is pain felt then decrease the pressure. 
This exercise will show benefit and pain relief within about 3 weeks.  It should be continued regularly as a preventive measure, or
resumed at any time pain and/or stiffness returns.
     Repeat exercise on other hand.

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