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  I have set this page up to show my appreciation for you, the soldier who has given of yourself that we may remain free.  I Thank You. Please feel free to copy any poem and send it to a loved one. Please sign my guestbook also.

If you are a soldier on foreign soil and would like me to write a special poem for you to send to a loved one I will be glad to do so at no charge.  I will take the information you want included and put it into poetry and e-mail it to you.  You may send it to that loved one with my permission.  Good gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

While We're Apart

I think of you in your uniform 
You stood so tall and proud; 
You said protecting us was your duty, 
For this you were endowed. 
You said your only worry 
Was leaving us here alone, 
That I'd have no one to help me, 
no one to lean upon. 
You told me not to worry 
At what could happen to you, 
That you were in the right, 
Defending our great red, white and blue. 
We committed anew our hearts, 
To each other we'd be true; 
Until you return home again 
My prayers will follow you. 
Go with God, my darling, 
I trust Him with your care 
For He will be close around you, 
Always He'll be there. 
Your love is safe with us at home, 
We send hugs and kisses galore; 
And we'll be waiting for your return, 
Open hearts and open door.
Joyce Guy

I give thanks to you dear soldier, 
Who stands so firm and brave 
While dealing with the fears 
You may meet an early grave. 

This war was not your choosing 
And yet you give your all 
To protect our beloved freedom 
Lest we should bow and fall 

You stand and fight with all your might 
For friends and family left at home 
You make us proud, we’ll tell you so 
When you come marching home. 

You fight to free a people 
 downtrodden and oppressed 
By a cruel and wicked vulture 
Who puts you to the test. 

You fight with fiercest pride 
At who you are and what you do. 
Though sleep deprived and weary 
You give of yourself anew. 

Your resolve has never faltered 
Though often faced with fear of death 
Your fellow soldiers count you faithful 
Though it be with your last breath. 

I could not be more proud 
Were you my daughter or my son 
For you stand among the very best 
Who fight ‘til the battle’s  won. 

We pray for you dear soldier 
That you  return to this home shore, 
That God will bring you safely home 
To live and love once more. 

May God bless you, and may God bless America! 

Joyce Guy


Ever since I’ve been away, 
There is one portion of my day 
That is ever on my mind; 
Hearing from the one I left behind: 
It’s Mail Call. 

No matter what is going on, 
Though I have no telephone, 
my ears constantly seek it out, 
longing for that exciting shout: 
Mail Call 

In that moment you are mine, 
More than at any other time, 
In my long and lonely day; 
when I allow my mind to stray 
to Mail Call. 

It means memories I hold dear, 
Of my love so far, yet near, 
As your missive I unfold, 
What new details doe it hold? 
Mail Call 

Our tender moments come rushing back 
As your fragrance escapes the pack 
And mingles with the words I find, 
Causing rushes in my mind… 
Mail Call 

Then your vision is so true, 
My mind totally emersed in you; 
It matters not my time or place 
As I can only see your face 
At Mail Call. 

Then stirs the longing of my heart 
That we’d no longer be apart; 
In that moment we two are one, 
Never more to be undone… 
As Mail Call. 

Please know that all the while I’m gone 
My heart and mind both carry on 
My strong but tender love for you, 
And to your memory I’ll be true… 
Totally renewed by Mail Call. 

Joyce Guy


I guess that I just couldn’t wait 
To get away from home, 
To spread my wings, learn to fly, 
And over the earth to roam. 

Now that I’m here in foreign lands, 
My thoughts return to you; 
I hope you’re proud of who I am 
And what I’m trying to do. 

But now that I’m gone, thoughts of home 
Are always on my mind; 
The memories of the love you gave, 
Which proved that love was blind. 

What, I think, if you should die 
While I am far away; 
And I would see your loving face 
No more ‘til judgment day. 

If I could never say again 
The words you like to hear, 
To tell you of the love I have, 
How your memory is so dear. 

So I must tell you while I can, 
Before you have gone on; 
Give you flowers while you live, 
Not waiting until you’re gone. 

You taught me how to stand and fight, 
Not turn tail and run, 
You taught me morals, grit and pride 
Mixed with good clean fun. 

While I’m here so far away 
And you are in my thoughts 
I send all my love to you, 
My precious own dear folks. 

Joyce Guy


Saddam Hussein

American Soldier Bloodhounds 
Walked hillsides up and down 
Withstood intense heat and cold alike 
Searched desert land and  town. 

Where was this devil hiding? 
We can't let him get away 
For he tortured people daily 
And considered it but play. 

He raped the gentle women; 
Gave his army likewise leave 
Killed man and child alike 
Fear and horror were his creed. 

He killed his own with poisoned gas 
If their shadow but looked wrong; 
Betrayed a nation cowering in poverty 
While he lived upon a throne. 

His homes were golden palaces, 
As many as he would;
His sons were wicked, likewise 
In them there was no good. 

 He wasted the wealth of the country 
On his sons and family, 
While the starving working locals 
Could only turn and flee. 

And when he caught the "cowards" 
He would cut out their tongues 
And throw them in a garbage heap 
Counting them but dung. 

We followed him over all the land 
Through every home and cave; 
Checking every village 
Questioning every slave. 

How did we finally find him 
In his tiny hidy-hole; 
Where he came out all disheveled 
Looking worn and old? 

This wicked, vile dictator 
Who took many a soul to hell… 
How did we track Saddam Hussein? 
We tracked him by his smell. 

The climate all around him 
Was our greatest link 
We tracked this wicked devil 
Solely by his stink. 

Joyce Guy


 Righteousness Exalteth A Nation

A mighty nation has arisen 
From the ashes of history past, 
From generations of immorality, 
Into great darkness cast; 

Founding principles set forth 
By God's embodied Word 
Comprised its constitution, 
At this new nation's birth; 

Equality of states, 
With liberty for all; 
God's Commandments taught in schools 
Lest a precious child should fall; 

Strong and mighty it emerged, 
God's Word its sound foundation, 
For the founding fathers knew 
That righteousness exalteth a nation; 

But gradually God was set aside 
By wicked unbelievers, 
Prayer was taken from the schools 
By well intentioned leaders; 

Future champions were aborted, 
Falling prey to Satan's plan, 
The Church lies quietly sleeping 
While the devil raped the land; 

Praise Hymns replaced by rousing beat, 
Sermonettes and new age song; 
The glory is departing. 
I wonder what went wrong? 

Proverbs 14:34 NIV   "Righteousness exalts a nation, 
but sin is a disgrace to any people." 

Joyce Guy

My Mother

You carried me for many months 
Just beneath your heart; 
In preparation for the life 
Your new born child would start. 

Your mother's heart watched over me, 
As I grew these many years, 
And during my trials and troubles 
You bathed my path with tears. 

You helped me to adulthood grow 
With values I hold dear; 
And taught me how to face my doubts, 
And overcome my fears. 

Our life has been so closely knit 
And to each other tied, 
By the bond of a mother's wonderful love 
That would not be denied. 

Now you have gone to be with Jesus, 
The Christ whom we both love. 
My heart already misses you 
As you worship up above. 

But I thank my God for giving us 
The love that we both share; 
And for the comfort that you know 
While praising Him up there. 

I thank you for the time we spent 
Together you and I 
And one day I will come to you 
In God's heavenly home on high. 

Joyce Guy

 Missing You

How I long to reach out and touch you, 
Or just see your smiling face, 
To wrap my arms around you 
In a passionate embrace. 

As I fight here in this foreign land 
My thoughts go oft’ to you; 
wondering what you’re doing 
and what you plan to do. 

Time out here is different, 
Seems almost standing still 
In a world of long ago, 
Where instinct is to kill. 

Loneliness is my companion, 
My senses are on guard, 
The enemy, somewhere around us, 
Seeks to hit us hard. 

They despise our country’s freedom 
The bounty that is ours; 
And seek to crush our spirits, 
Subdue our Christian powers. 

A land founded on Almighty God 
They fail to understand, 
And seek to subjugate us 
To the vilest whims of man. 

But, even as I know these things, 
My thoughts return to you, 
As I help hold our banner high, 
The great red, white and blue. 

It is for us I came here, 
To keep our country free, 
Preserve our precious gift of God, 
This land of Christian liberty. 

But soon I hope to see you, 
As you welcome my return; 
It is you, who keep me going, 
It is for you my spirit yearns. 

Joyce Guy



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 The content of the ads  inserted on this page  have neither been screened nor approved by the author of this web site.