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My Favorite Things

Welcome to my homepage. Please come back and visit again!

Welcome to my Music Page!

Here is where I hope to include samples of music made from homemade instruments.We'll start with a double didgeridoo, made from two pieces of PVC tubing. The second didge is made from plastic hose (such as the kind found on vacuum cleaners, pool cleaning appliances and the like).

Click here to hear a double didgeridoo!

Click here to return to Jonjb's homepage on Angelfire!

Click here to hear a digeridoo made from flexible plastic hose and a cardboard tube!
Here's a whistle made from a piece of bamboo.

Click here for a demo of a bamboo whistle!
Here's a seet of flower pot chimes. These are flower pots suspended on pieces of string from a coat hanger.
Click here to listen to a set of flower pot chimes!

The Didjshop - Didgeridoo Shop with MP3!

Online didgeridoo shop providing pictures and downloadable MP3 sound of individual didjeridoos. Huge selection of didges, boomerangs, bullroarers, clap sticks and didjbags - plus a didjeridu tutorial video.

Photos: Click here to see a photo of a PVC didgeridoo!

Click here for a 3 foot long bamboo didge (three feet seems optimum for good droning)

Click here for one more bamboo didge pic!

Click here to see a pic of a didgeridrum (combo didgeridoo and drum)!

Click here for a pic of bamboo flutes!

One more sound:

Click here for a sample sound of a bamboo didgeridoo!

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