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Sgt. Jason Millett
IRAQ 2003

Welcome to my site. I am Jason Millett and I was an active duty US Marine from August 1996 to January 2004. The majority of the pictures on this site are from my tour in Iraq with the Light Armored Vehicle - Air Defense Platoon of the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battallion. We were deployed to Iraq from January 2003 to June 2003. I served with many honorable marines and while I later joined the US Air Force reserves. I am most proud of my service to my country as a part of the worlds finest fighting organization. No matter what I did after the Marines. I am still a Devil Dog at heart and inside I am a drinking, fighting, foul mouthed, hard charging, US Marine. This site is dedicated to all the hard chargers I served with, it was my honor to serve with you.

If you see anything not working right please email me and let me know. If you would like to have a picture or video added. Please upload the picture or video to the internet (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Dropbox etc) and email me a link to the picture.
Below is a video of LAV-AD Platoon in Iraq. I did have a higher quality video if anyone happens to still have a copy please upload it to Youtube and send me a link. I would like to use the higher quality video but my original DVD was loaned out and never returned to me.
LAV-AD Video (Youtube)