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Mark McKinney

Mark was born June 26, 1960 in Ottawa. As the son of a diplomat, he spent a lot of his early life in such places as Trinidad, Tobago, Paris and Washington, D.C. He went to the University of Newfoundland as a political science major, but he dropped out. In Calgary he met Bruce McCulloch and they formed a troupe called The Audience. They met up with The Kids In the Hall and eventually paired up. Mark has a younger brother, Nick who was in the sketch comedy troupe, The Vacant Lot, who would frequently play background characters on the KITH tv series. Mark's post-KITH career has consisted of being a member of Saturday Night Live for two years, and a dead-on portrayl of Lorne Michaels in Brain Candy. He currently can be see in AT&T-Canada commercials as the "dime guy" and on Broadway in the play, A FLEA IN HER EAR.