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Norn's And Such

These are some norns of mine for download. I hatched each one of them with a lil help from Creatures Editor 32.All that I ask is If you have any Children that you send a copy to me at Thank you and enjoy.

Chris is half santanorn. He came as a suprise to me when I was just playing around with the editor and started hatching him.

Darin is just a cute, and lovable norn he can be hardheaded at times.

Dawn is another cute norn. She is smart she is the twin of Dust.

Diablo likes to wonder. I kept losing him when I would check my other norns.

Duncan Is the son of Ken I'm not sure what else to say except he was naturly bred.

Dusk is the Twin of Dawn.

A femail Grendle. Yet another mutation from the Creatures Editor 32.

Kaerf, what a name huh. Well read it backwards and you'll understand. This guy was supoast to be a purple norn and that was the first word that came to mind when I saw him hatch.

Mandy is what I wanted Kaerf to be. Mandy and Randy are Brother and sister.

Yet another Purple norn. He is the Brother of Mandy.