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I live in Southern part of Finland and was born in Turku (see map). Some years ago - as you can see. After our parents had divorced I lived my teenage in Hämeenlinna (see map)(old map)and a small place named Kellokoski. I studied in the 70's Social Sciences, specially social psychology in Helsinki (old map) University - and made my Teacher studies in 80's in Jyväskylä (see map) (old map ). I have worked at Vantaa) town as Social worker, as tutor in Teacher Education ,as teacher at Hämeenlinna Institute of Social Studies. And as Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences at Häme Polytechnic/ University of Applied sciences from 1th August 1999. Some day I also wanted to become an architect, a filmdirector and a photographer, Sometimes I've been depressed for the choices I made but I'm very fond of my work nowadays. I have two sons, twentyseven and thirty. They have both found place in workinglife. I do not know much of their thoughts. Years ago the elder at the age of 7 wrote some stories of Space - he likes such phantasies. He has been studying and teaching at Helsinki University of Technology in faculty of automation and systems. In semester 2003/2004 he was studying abroad, at Lyon. The younger has been studying at Helsinki School of Economics And he has been interested in flying - today he likes to go sailing with 470

Think if I could change dreams with them. My own dream would share all my feelings least with some one somewhere there.

Updated 20th August 2009