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Zen Tricksters 
Date  Set(s)  Venue/Location  Source/Gen  Grades  Length

03.02.78 ?  Stoney Brook/NY   SBD/1         A+ 9.8      90
-   My recorded copy of "Wild Oats".
Jeff Mattson, lead guitar for Tricksters, is lead guitar in Wild Oats. I recorded this show for the band on, I believe, the drummer's tape machine. The drummer, Dave Tamarkin, some days later gave me a copy. Along with Jeff & Dave, Wild Oats consisted of: Mark Mattson on Keys, Bob Strano on "Weirish" rhythm & I believe Jeff Goldstein on bass.

07.25.97 1-,2 Portland, OR    SBD/3       A+ 9.8      115
-   Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR.

10.21.97 1,2 Wetlands Preserve/NYC SBD/1 A+ 9.8 245
- Wetlands Preserve, New York City.
Dick's Picks Release Party. Special guests: David Gans, Alexis & Tom Circosta.