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Video Tapes 
Date  Set(s)  Venue/Location  Source/Gen  Grades  Length

07.10.69 1- Playboy After Dark/NYC VHS/2 A 9.4      10
-   Grateful Dead: TV broadcast.
Video quality is rated a A-.

08.16.69 1- Max Yasgur's Farm/NY  VHS/? A-  9.0    20
-   Grateful Dead: Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Bethel, NY.
Other artist(s): Canned Heat, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Keef Hartley Band, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Mountain, Quill, Santana, & The Who.

02.04.70 ? The Family Dog/CA VHS/?         A 9.4      25
-   Grateful Dead: The Family Dog, San Francisco.
Video quality is rated a C.

04.17.72 1-,2-,3- Tivoli/Copenhagen VHS/1   A 9.6    90
-   Grateful Dead: Tivoli Theater, Copenhagen Denmark.
From French TV rebroadcast.

08.27.72 1-,2-,3- Faire Grounds/OR VHS/4 A- 9.3     75
-   Grateful Dead: Old Renaissance Faire Grounds, Veneta, OR.
From the "Sunshine Daydream" video, by The Merry Pranksters. Includes acid test audio/video & "The Bus" video's. Other artist(s): NRPS. Springfield Creamery benefit, "Field Trip".

07.12.76 sck Orpheum Theatre/CA VHS/?  A 9.4      70
-   Grateful Dead: Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco.
Video quality is rated a C.

05.07.81 All Tomorrow Show/NYC VHS/0   A 9.7      60
-   Music & interviews with Grateful Dead & Ken Kesey.
Video quality is rated a A+. Also includes interview with John Sabastian.

12.17.87 All Warfield Theater/CA VHS/?      A 9.6       35
-   Garcia/Kahn/Weir: Warfield Theater, San Francisco CA.
Several songs with Joan Baez. "Humanitas International and BGP presents Joan Baez and Friends: A Christmas Concert". Video quality is rated a B+.

12.01.90 All  Sat. Night Live      VHS/0        A 9.7      60
-   Sat. Night Live, NYC.
Music by Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians. Skits with Paul Simon.

06.19.95 1,2 Giants Stadium/NJ VHS/3       A- 9.0     150
-   Grateful Dead: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ.

06.??.97 All History of Rock & Roll VHS/0  A 9.7      60
-   History of Rock & Roll 1965-1970.
Music & interviews. Part 4 of TV special. Video quality is rated a A+.

08.01.97 All Time & Again/NYC VHS/0         A 9.7      60
-   Jerry Garcia Tribute + Music & interviews.
Video quality is rated a A+.