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Date  Set(s)  Venue/Location  Source/Gen  Grades  Length

03.??.69 ? Avalon/San Fran.      SBD/?       A  9.7      28
-   From "San Fransisco Nights" tree.

??.??.71 ?                 ?         SBD/1(?)         A+ 9.8       45
-   Unknown, pleaase help verify.
Here is the story from recent posting to rmgd:

While going through my collection, I found what may be a RARE one? 1st, let me give you the background of this tape: "Santana Studio Out-takes" 1971 - SBD/1(?) 45 min. rating A+ 9.8 - My former co-worker, Bob Liotta, on 3-4-80 gave me a copy of this tape from his "master reels". He said he use to be a partner at "Pacific Studios", not Pacific High Recording Studios, in I believe San Jose, CA. Now mind you, I know very little about Santana, except I've had the pleasure to see him play live many times. I could not tell you 99% of all songs names. I own maybe 1 or 2 cd's of Santana, which I do not listen to. I also have a poor aud/0 of Santana that I recorded on 3/6/77 at the Calderone in NY. For all I know, this tape could be a COPY of some previously released records? Maybe someone here on this newsgroup can help identify? From what I can remember, he also went on to tell me that this tape was to be used by Carlos & the band for a demo to be given to various record companies. He went on to mention that Carlos was shopping for a record company at the time, & these are the outtakes. I'm listening to it now, after many years. I'm on the 3rd song. It seems their is no words, just music on this tape. Alot of jamming, :o). Anyway, I offer this up as a trade. Hopefully, the person or people I trade with can help me identify; at least the names of the songs or jams.

03.06.77 All Calderone Theatre/NY  AUD/0  B+ 8.9 100
-   My aud master.

07.31.96 ? Centenial Olympic Park DAUD/1 A 9.7 100
-   Atlanta, Georgia.