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Trading Info

Trading/Grovel Policy:
Generally, I welcome any high-quality trades for most bands listed.   Or, if you have nothing to offer  -   I'll usually spin for blanks and return postage. Drop me an email at:
My tapes are for trading only - none are for sale.
Commercially released tapes/CD's are listed, but are NOT for trade under any circumstances. PLEASE do not ask!

My Practices (and Preferences):
-  First (and most important), NO surprises - please!
-  Virgin tapes only  (PLEASE! No used tapes).
-  If you have the capability, set maximum peaks at +2dB for XLIIS  (+1dB for XLII).
-  No dolby or high-speed dubbing, PLEASE !!!
-  Send: Just the tapes, I've had too many broken cases sent to me recently. Again, no j-cards & cases & hold the max points.
-  I'll usually print you some nice j-cards:


...In the event you'd like something done differently, please let me know.

I prefer Maxell XLII-S.  Please specify which you prefer, (no TDK please).  As mentioned, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use only brand new tapes (i.e. unused stock) - I use them for you and only ask that you do the same.  

Recording & Playback:  Dual (2-head).

And again, I will not use Dolby on your tapes (unless you really want it).  Please do NOT use it on mine - ever. If you are recording for me, and your tapes were recorded WITH Dolby, and you have two decks, please do the following:
- Decode the Dolby from your tapes (on the PLAY deck, set Dolby ON)...
- Record my tapes without Dolby (on the REC deck, set Dolby OFF).

Also, as mentioned, I will not use hi-speed dubbing or auto-reverse (it is a fact that neither produce quality tapes).   If you have the capability, please do NOT use them for my tapes, thanks.

I prefer to send JUST the tapes (i.e tape, no j-card and no case). For cushioning, I mail tapes in a bubble-cushioned envelope, first securing all tapes, (i.e. wrapping in newspaper or rubberband 2 together), then sealing in the bubble envelope. Please do the same for mine, thanks. I use First Class when shipping 4 or fewer tapes and Priority when more than 4 tapes. (air-mail outside U.S.)

All tapes are graded for recording quality only - not the actual performance of the music.  However, grades are influenced by era.  That is, I'm slightly more forgiving of earlier tapes due to their age and the recording quality of the original equipment.  In any case, an 'A' quality tape is fairly close to perfect - crisp and full.  An A- has some relatively minor flaw such as minor hiss, lack of full dynamic range, etc.  Grades in the B+ to B range (or lower) are not recommended, with the exceptions of rare tapes or sentimental shows.

Dual-Scale Grading:
As other traders originally graded using the grading scale consisting of letter grades (A through F), but I found this a little lacking.  As other traders have done, I go along with the re-grading of my tapes to conform to a 10-point scale.  Hopefully this will allow more detail in grading. 

 Color coded grades to help you see!

Conversion Scale:
A+   9.9 - 10.0    Very crisp, clear sound, clear, full dynamic range, no hiss (CD quality).
A+   9.8    Very crisp, clear sound, clear, full dynamic range, (Highest Analog).
A     9.7 - 9.4      Crisp, clear, full dynamic range, no (or very slight) hiss.
A-    9.3 - 9.0      Nice sound, fairly clear, possibly one minor problem (i.e. slight degradation of dynamic range, possible minor hiss).
B+   8.9 - 8.8      Fair sound, likely lacking full range, possible hiss.
B      8.7 - 8.4      Mediocre sound, probable hiss - sentimental value only, not recommended.
B-     8.3 - 8.2      Lowest listenable quality (for me, at least) - rare or sentimental shows. Again, not recommended.
C     below 8.2    Very rare tapes, hardly bearable.

Generation convention:
All known generations are included in the source info (as gen. number). The generation number is a running count of analog generations (plus Beta/VHS generations).  Here are a couple examples:

SBD> MasterReel> my Cass  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SBD/1
SBD> MasterReel> PCM> DAT> my Cass  . . . . SBD/1
SBD> MasterCass>DAT> my Cass  . . . . . . . . . . SBD/1
SBD> MasterReel> PCM> Beta/VHS> my Cass  . SBD/2
SBD> DAT> DAT> Cass> my Cass  . . . . . . . . . . DSB/2
SBD> MReel> FM> my Cass  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FM/0
AUD Mics> my MasterCass  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AUD/0
AUD Mics> MasterReel> my Cass  . . . . . . . . . . AUD/1
AUD Mics> DAT> my Cass  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DAUD/1

I only use "0 gen" for the following:
- FM/0 (FM Masters) which I made from the local GDH;
- several AUD/0 (AUD Masters) which I mastered at the shows;

- Any REC/0 or LP/0: (My "Rare" Record, VINAL, or Singles) which I still have.

Set Key:

 1: set 1   Ac: Acoustic  Ac1, Ac2: Acoustic-1, Acoustic-2
2: set 2   E: Electric              E1,E2: Electric-1,Electric-2
3: set 3     e: encore                e1,e2: encore 1,encore 2
sck or sndck: soundcheck

Note: a minus (-) added to a set number indicates songs missing; a plus (+) added to a set number indicates extra songs from that show.