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The Get Up Kids Interview

This interview was from CONTRAST #4, sometime in real early 1997

*where did you get the name The Get Up Kids?

I (matt) used to be in a band called Secular Theme and we had a song called "Suburban Get Up Kids" and we thought that sounded alright. We hacked off "suburban" because I've a prejudice against the suburbs that my three suburban bandmates are helping me to rectify and because the last three bands I'd been in had all started with an S and they all broke up.

*how long have you been together?

One year this October, six months with the new kid.

*what releases do you have out or coming out?

Hopefully a 7" on Outback and whatever you are planning on putting out and then the CD on Atlantic.

*how would you describe your music?

Swinging dance numbers about crying.

*if you (could) vote who would you vote for in the upcoming presidential election? how old are you kids anyway?

I'm 19, Jim and Robbie are 18, Ryan is 17...however we are ageless in wisdom. I'm not sure who I'm going to vote for I lean to the liberal side but at the same time I really hate politicians, I think Jim is a democrat and Robbie hasn't decided...ryan can't vote.

*what's your relation to Huey Proudhone, what else have they put out, and what the hell does Huey Proudhone mean?

I'm not sure, I've never really met the man. Robbie and I and our friend Kevin run the label but we really don't know much about Huey. We think he may be, as they say, "connected" (mob) if you know what I mean. The 7" is the first thing we've put out.

*what is your source of motivation to be in a band and go through all that hassle and long hours practice, etc?

You've made me re-evaluate this whole band thing and Rob just quit the band. Going off about "no point" and whatnot. Thanks a lot, the world is much clearer now. I think I'm going to drive trucks.

*what movie do you think would best represent The Get Up Kids?

The Star Wars Trilogy

*what bands have people said you sound like?

From reviews: "Samiam, Knapsack, Sunny Day Real Estate, Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring, Mineral, Boy's Life, Jimmy Eat World"

*what bands have people said you sound like that you totally disagree with?

Somebody said we sounded like Hoover, someone else said we sounded like the Makeup. They're idiots.

*who does what in the band?

Jim Suptic: guitar / vocals, Robbie Pope: bass, Ryan Pope: drums, Matt Pryor: guitar / vocals

*what addresses should people write to for info and records?

The Get Up Kids - Po Box 45573 - Kansas City, MO 64111

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