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Cora Estella Gashaw

CORA ESTELLA GASHAW was born October 1, 1897 in JENNERS TOWNSHIP,SOMERSET CO. PA. Her parents were ISAAC AUSTIN GASHAW, born August 18, 1872 in CONNOR, PA, and GURTHA RODGERS, born March 31, 1876 in FORWARD, PA. They were married, September 13, 1893 in HOOVERSVILLE, PA. Other children in the GASHAW family were, MABLE R., born December 15, 1900, EDWIN, born February 21, 1905, GRACE, born August 3, 1908, and DWIGHT, born June 20, 1913. As a young girl, CORA taught in a one-room schoolhouse near her home in SOMERSET COUNTY. On May 22, 1919 she married WILLIAM DAVID RUMMEL, SHANKSVILLE, PA. They had four children, SARAH ELAINE, MARY JANE, WILLIAM DAVID, JR, and JOHN AUSTIN. Cora spent most of her life near JEROME, PA, except for a few years in Pittsburgh and now resides in ARIZONA near her children.