Brooke's and Ashlyn's Virtual Photo Album
November, 2012 - May, 2013
Ashlyn - Eight Years Old
Brooke - Thirteen Years Old

Chicken Fashion Review
Brooke's chicken is a race horse. Ashlyn's chicken is a race car.

Silver Sands Bridle Club

Brooke and Kitty


Brooke washing Lilly for the sheep show
showing Lilly at Umatilla High softball field

Ashlyn's Award-winning Art

Ashlyn's award at Gateway Center for the Arts

Brooke is thirteen, now officially a teenager

Ashlyn with kids at drill practice at Silver Sands Bridle Club

6 weeks old - can't pick him up anymore
Ashlyn is thinking she likes sheep
maybe we can get rid of these goats soon

with Mrs. Stoddard at 2nd grade awards
at Jackie Robinson ball park
foster puppy Farrah

Stan is learning showmanship - Brooke is doing a great job with him

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