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  1. 25 per Team

  2. 1 per Trade or Pickup
  3. 17 Round Draft which will consist of 3 Quarterbacks, 4 Runningbacks, 4 Widerecievers,
    2 Tightends, 2 Kickers, and 2 Defenses
  4. This will be a Head to Head - Yardage League with no playoffs. Best record at the end of the season Wins. Total points will be used as a tie breaker.


    Touchdown = 6 points
    Field goal = 3 Points
    Extra point = 1 or 2 points
    Touchdown over 50 yds = 5 points
    Every 10 yards of rushing or recieving = 1 point
    Every 25 yds of passing = 1 point
    Punt or Kick return for a Touchdown = 15 points
    (If you start a player on offense who scores a defensive score you will also recieve 15 points) Interceptions = 3 points
    Sacks and Fumble Recoveries = 2 points
    Safety = 5 Points

  6. All lineups must be turned in by EMAIL to the night before kickoff of the first game of each week by 8:00 p.m.(8:00 pm saturday for a sunday game or 8:00 pm wednesday for a thursday game)
  7. All Trades and Pickups must be EMAILED to no later than 8:00 pm on friday, (8:00 pm on wednesday if there is a game on thursday.)
  8. The worst record has the first chance to pick up any one player.
  9. A player that is dropped from a roster will not be available for waviers until the following week.
  10. All trades are to be approved by the commissioner
  11. No trades or pickups will be allowed after the 14th week of the season
    (EXCEPTION) If a player goes on the Injury Reserve after the 14th week you will be allowed to replace that player with a pickup
  12. All pickup fees will be due by the 16th week of the season
  13. If you donot turn in a lineup for the week your lineup will stay the same as the last lineup turned in
  14. Good Luck and Have some Fun

Starting Lineups

Wide Receiver
Wide Receiver


  • First Place - 150.00
  • Second Place - 75.00
  • Third Place - 50.00
  • Fourth Place - 25.00