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Kelab Seni Filem

December 1999 Screenings

Venue: The British Council, Jalan Bukit Aman, KL
Please note that because of administrative reasons, screening days have been changed to Mondays and Saturdays!

Mon 6 Dec
Time: 8 pm
Irving Rapper; US, 1942, 117 min., bw
Vintage, first class soap opera (adapted from Olive Higgins Prouty's bestseller) with Bette Davis as a sheltered spinster who is brought out of her shell by a worldly-wise psychiatrist (Claude Rains at his smoothest) and who later falls in love with an unhappily married architect (Paul Henreid suavely performing the archetypal two-cigarette trick). 'The women's weepie angle gets to be a bit of a slog later on, but it is all wrapped up as a mesmerically glittering package by Rapper's direction, Sol Polito's camerawork, and Max Steiner's (Oscar-winning) lushly romantic score' (Time Out).

Sat 11 Dec
Time: 8.30 pm
The Evil Dead
Sam Raimi; US, 1983, 85 min., col.
Stylish, ultra-low-budget movie about five kids at a Tennessee mountain cabin who, after being possessed by demons, chop each other up. Made by precocious college students, this is one of the grossest horror flicks ever made, drawing inspiration from films like Night of the Living Dead, Suspiria, The Exorcist and The House on Haunted Hill. With Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker. 'Short on characterisation and plot but strong on atmospheric horror and visual churns' (Time Out). Raimi is the director of the critically acclaimed A Simple Plan.

Mon 20 Dec
Time: 8.30 pm
Roger Vadim; France-Italy, 1968, 98 min, col.
Cult science-fiction film and midnight-movie favourite based on Jean-Claude Forest's 'adult' comic strip about a sexy 41st century space adventuress Barbarella who travels to the mysterious planet Sorgo, there to survive an attack by perambulating dolls with vampire fangs, receive her initiation from a hairy primitive, fall in love with a blind angel, and have an alarming encounter with the tyrannical Black Queen. Featuring sparkling dialogue by Terry Southern and splendid imaginative designs. With Jane Fonda, John Phillip Law, Anita Pallenberg, Milo O'Shea (whose character gave pop group Duran Duran their name).