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Adjectives vs Adverbs

Choose the correct form: adjective or adverb (by Nico Wiersema):

1) I was _____________(total/ totally) surprised when I heard the news.

2) This shirt looks _______________(good/ well) on you.

3) I don't feel very ________________(good/ well) today.

4) This is an ____________________(unbelievable/ unbelievably) discovery.

5) He doesn't like his teacher; he says he treats him _______________(horrible/ horribly).

6) You shouldn't drive so ___________(fast/ fastly); that's (extreme/ extremely) dangerous!

7) This can't be _______ (truly/ true)! It's ________ (real/ really)______________ (amazing/ amazingly).

8) Be ______________ (reasonable/ reasonably), please!

9) His speeches are ___________ (high/ highly) _______________ (impressive/ impressively).

10)They serve _______________ (delicious/ deliciously) food in that restaurant.

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