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Phrasal Verb Quiz

Fill out the correct preposition (by Nico Wiersema):

1) I hadn't seen her in ages, but all of a sudden I ran ______ her at the supermarket.

2) He fell from his bike and lost consciousness. Fortunately a few buckets of water made him come ______.

3) Give ____! You can't win anyway.

4) I have to go to my mechanic, because my car broke ______ yesterday.

5) He thinks he's Napoleon, but he really doesn't look _______ him at all.

6) Why don't you come ________ next Friday? You haven't visited us for along time.

7) The fire was terrible. The house burned _______ completely.

8) We have to find a gasoline station fast: we have almost run ________ gasoline.

9) On trainstations you should look _________ pickpockets.

10) I can't find my calculator. I've been looking _____ it all day!

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