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Here are some bloopers that I collected during my work at Interlingua Idiomas S.A. de C.V. in Mexico City from June 1995 to December 1996. Some knowledge of (Mexican) Spanish might be helpful. Enjoy!

Nico Wiersema, March 2000.

Level Intro:

- We're chicken the homework.
- I am the coffee

Level 1:

- He's at churchill (church)
- He's in the blackjack (backyard)
- He licks dogs (likes)
- Teacher, I have a pregunt!
- He likes to eat furniture (frituras)
- What nationality is the reactor ? (director)

Level 2:

- situization (situation)
- The Real Family (The Royal Family)
- Primavering (spring)
- Did you tan a sun?
- Yesterday was merry Christmas.
- Those are the stations of the year (seasons)
- He's Polonian (Polish)

Level 3:

- When is your happy birthday?
- He's a traductor (translator)
- The Nobel Premium
- I-Greek (y)

Level 4:

- Simple Continuous
- The National Opera will be performed by Carmen
- Capacibility (Capability)
- Mexicans are hotter than Americans
- Do you like to suck on your cigarette?
- A man was attropellated and tirated on the street (Spanglish?)
- A Russian Mountain (Montaņa Rusa...)

Level 5:

- When he realized that Jeff wasn't breathing, he gave him te first auxiliaries
- Roberto was heard by the scream
- Mrs. Slater was reading him to the instructions
- He took is hiking boots and dove into the water
- Hiking boats
- Inesperated (unexpected)
- The war in the Crimea was between the Russians and the Aliens (allies)
- Roberto and Sarah were shitting on some rocks when Jeff screamed (sitting)
- In effective (cash)
- We didn't know what was succeeding (happening)
- The cartelera (program)
- He was very preoccupating! (worried)
- Jubilation (retirement)
- Meatitas (carnitas)
- They were very happy when Sarah had an accident

Level 6:

- Student 1: have you been a good student?
Student 2: No, I haven't
Student 1 (playing St. Peter): Ok, go to hell!

- I got on the bus first, because I was standing on everyone else in line
- Saint Sunday (Santo Domingo)
- Engordicious (fattening)
- In American restaurants you can eat very fast
- Equivocation (mistake)

- Question: Does anyone have a boyfriend? Answer: Yes, everybody has a teacher...

- Have you ever eaten hangover fish? (pescado crudo)
- Probator (fitting room)

Level 7:

- If you go to Italy, you can meet the Papa (Pope)
- Inspirated (inspired)
- I reproved three materies (I failed three subjects)
- Past Present
- Artial Marts
- The razon (reason)
- I'm writing to advice you about my suicide (inform)
- He invited an atomic bomb (invented)
- By the time the parents arrived, they had made love with everything (practicing past perfect)
- He needed an explication (explanation)

Level A:

- There are many male men in Mexico
- They saw a scream
- The revolutionary epoca
- I was the gerent (manager)
- The Rockstones (Flintstones)

Level B:

- King Isabel (Queen Elizabeth...)
- Your brain is engaņing you

Level C:

- I took the autopist to Cuernavaca (highway)

Level E:

- Descorkador (corkscrew)
- Pre-hispanic dinosaurs
- How do you say 'smoking' in English?

Level F:

- You shouldn't eat junkie-food!

Level Special Advanced:

- You can choose many options