Mission: Facilitate Secure Amateur Radio Communications
for Manned Space Missions

International Earth Spacecraft
Calling and Emergency

432.100 Mhz. FM Simplex DCS 226
Astronaut Use Only
Space to Ground Operational Information

Spacenet One provides receive audio only of NASA two way radio communications
to monitor conditions aboard the international space station and other manned NASA space missions. The *FLORIDA* server / data reflector is located at Colorado Springs, Colorado . With no management or technical issues. This communication network has military grade security with full automatic redundancy.

Please list your amateur two way radio earth station by ICAO Code to Your nearest international airport. Miami international airport for example: K4RTV-L KMIA

This is important for quick situational awareness of location of the amateur radio space to ground earth station in operation and provides recorded data for who, what, where, and when for The United States Federal Government, in case of a unlikely manned space mission communications emergency, and the astronauts go for the Amateur "HAM" Radio on ISS or elsewhere. This communications system is under United States Federal Government Jurisdiction

This is a international team effort, all licensed radio amateurs are welcome to participate by building and operating your own radio earth station connected to the spacenet one network 24/7 in the English Language, a english translator is allright.

The sponsoring agencies have stated that they consider access to a Ham Radio System a requirement for psychological support of the crews, by providing family and general contacts for people who will be in space several years at a time with a permanent base on the Earth's MOON and then on to Planet MARS and beyond.

As the international space station takes its place in the heavens, The amateur radio community is prepared to do its part by helping to enrich the experience of those visiting and living on the station and elsewhere in Space.