Hysterectomy/Endometriosis Questionnaire


If you would like to contribute your history, thoughts, experiences,
with hysterectomy (regardless of the reason) or endometriosis,
to add to the Experiences pages, please cut and paste the questions
and your answers into an email and send them, I'll add them to the
Experiences pages. There is no better teacher or wonderful source
of comfort than the experience of those that have "been there".

You can cut and paste the questionnaire below, in an email, to be added
to either the Hysterectomy or Endometriosis Experiences Pages.
Please let me know if you want me to use your name or remain anonymous.
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The Hysterectomy and Endometriosis Experiences that so many women have
generously shared can be viewed at the web pages listed below.

Hysterectomy Experiences

Endometriosis Experiences

Thank you for anything you feel like sharing !!
Experience really is the best teacher.

I remember the first *investigative reading* I did when I was first
diagnosed with endo, was, Overcoming Endometriosis written by
Mary Lou Ballweg. Reading what others had written was a great comfort,
to know that I was not alone in what I was going through, or
*crazy*!! Others were going through it too!

It is my hope that these few pages will be that kind of a *comfort*
to other women who have had hysterectomy or TAH/BSO, or an educational
resource for those that may be facing a hysterectomy
and to those suffering from Endometriosis.

Many thanks and *hugz*

For Hysterectomy

1.)What was the reason for your hysterectomy?(endo,fibroids,etc.)

2.)Do you feel like you were informed about what to expect after surgery
and what the long term effects might be on your health by your doctor?

3.)If not your doctor, where did you get your information on hysterectomy?

4.)Did you use birth control pills in your lifetime?
If yes for how long total? At what age did you start using them?

5.)Did you use tampons or pads during menstruation?

6.)Do you have female blood relatives with reproductive diseases?
If so, what ones and which relatives?

7.) Are you a DES daughter?

8.)How long has it been since your surgery?

9.)Did you have uterus, and both ovaries removed?

10.)What problems, if any, are you experiencing?

11.)What if anything has made them better?

12.)Have you ever encountered a doctor or nurse that did not treat you
with respect in regard to your difficulties? If
yes, would you like to share the experience?

13.)Are you currently using any form of hormone replacement therapy? If so what?

14.)How are you feeling currently? (I truly care!)

15.)Anything else you need or want to share?

16.)Do you have a Web Site/Home Page? If so, leave
me the url I'd love to visit !

If you'd like to leave your email address for
other women to be able to contact you, please add it here:

Please accept this modest gift for your homepage if you have one.
A small gift, and a huge thanks for your contribution !

Endometriosis Questionnaire

1.)Did you have problems obtaining a diagnosis of Endometriosis?

2.)Do you have any family members with Endometriosis?

3.)Are you a DES daughter?

4.)Were you every on Birth Control in your lifetime?
If so for how long?

5.)Did you use tampons or pads during your period?

6.)What symptoms do you/did you have, associated with Endometriosis?

7.)Are there any issues you are confused about regarding endometriosis?

8.)Do you know about the Endometriosis Association?
(It's a great source of support and information!)
The url is on the main page.

9.)What treatments have you tried to alleviate or cure your endometriosis?

10.)Are you aware that taking estrogen replacement after a hysterectomy
for endometriosis can cause any remaining endo growths to continue
to bleed and cause pain, inflammation and scarring?

11.) Do you have any advice or anything you'd like
to share with other women who have endo?

12.)Any information I can help you with?

**I have a lot of resources and web sites stored on endometriosis, as well
as a 4 part series of articles I wrote regarding endo,
if you'd like them please request by email.

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