My Quest For NHRT

Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.-Compounding Specialist
My source for bioidentical hormones


Obtaining Bioidentical, Compounded Hormones took persistence,
but has been well worth the work!!

Surprisingly, not many doctors are aware of bio identical hormone
replacement, even more surprising is that some doctors are, but
do not offer them to their patients as a hormone replacement option.
Bio Identical hormones are an exact molecular match to the hormones
our own bodies "made", therefore are most always more effective and cause
little to no side effects. The word is beginning to spread, women
are speaking up about what is and what is not working for them.
I have begun to see mention of nhrt in magazines, newspapers, and
television. We have traveled a good portion of the journey,
much more awareness is needed.

If we all work together, speaking up about what it is that we need,
perhaps we can change the face of traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Younger women (20's - 40's) having had hysterectomy with ovarian
removal, or who have their ovaries fail and then need effective hrt
and are not finding relief with the usual prescribed pharmaceutical hrt's,
are literally setting foot on new ground, and often times, educating
their own doctors, we are changing the face of the treatment we
receive, mostly by being able to learn through networking and
sharing experiences, trials, challenges and triumphs.
Progress is slow but it is moving.

My first task in obtaining natural compounded hormones, was
too find out what I needed. I contacted Women's International
Pharmacy, a well known compounding pharmacy that I had heard good
things about. I found out after wards there are two compounding pharmacies
in the town where I live. If you look in your phone book, you may
be surprised to find you have one or more compounding pharmacies in
your area, if not, there are many that will work with you and your
doctor via telephone to formulate the appropriate nhrt formula for
you based on your individual symptoms, history, etc.

You can also contact:
The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

For referral of a compounding pharmacy in your area.

Please also check My Compounding Pharmacy Page
(link below) with pharmacies listed by state.

For your health and well being, please contact a Compounding
Pharmacist today and ask about Bio Identical Hormones

The basics on how I began communications with a compounding pharmacist:

What it took for me in obtaining nhrt was, finding a doctor who was
open to me trying nhrt and prescribing it, then getting in touch
with a compounding pharmacist who was knowledgeable about nhrt
who then listened to my health problems/symptoms and history, made
a recommendation of a starting dose, faxed it to my doctor so she
could consult and prescribe it for me, thus began my journey with nhrt.
I couldn't be happier with the results, especially compared to the
way I felt when I took any pharmaceutical hrt preparations.
I have had no negative side effects at all from nhrt and if one would
have, it is simply a matter of discussing them with the compounding
pharmacist and your doctor,then making any necessary dosage adjustments.

The reason for contacting and consulting with the compounding
pharmacists first was that my own doctor was not that knowledgeable about
prescribing guidelines for bio identical hormones, hopefully,
with all our efforts, this will soon change.

The first communications with my *then* Dr. requesting NHRT:

My doctor had been saying that all my joint pain was from being overweight
and de-conditioned. While I know these two situations would contribute to
joint pains and body aches, I felt strongly that this was not the reason
for what was happening. It was a struggle trying to convince her
otherwise, in my gut, I knew it was due to the severe loss of ovarian
hormones following ovarian removal. Anticipating that, about ten
days before my appointment, I sent her a letter (copy to follow),
explaining just how bad I was feeling, what I had found out about
bio identical hormones and requested that she prescribe them
for me. It is often difficult trying to convey fully how you are
feeling when often vulnerable, in a paper gown in an examining room,
a letter worked much better for me.

Here is a re-creation of the letter I sent to my doctor,
10 days before my visit.

Dear Dr. ______,

I have an upcoming appointment with you on 9/30/98, for a follow up
since I have been taking Estratest beginning 8/25/98.

I am full of so many mixed emotions right now, I will try
to be as objective as possible.

As my history indicates, I am now 14 months post TAH/BSO and only
used natural progesterone cream since 9/97, up until beginning
the Estratest on 8/25/98.

I began having a lot of hormone loss related problems in April of this year,
fatigue, no libido, increased allergy related symptoms, decreased
resistance to viruses, depression, severe joint pain and muscle aches,
brain fog, memory loss, weight gain,(despite eating less and
healthier than I have for quite awhile), and bloated stomach. As I
read and research, I learn most of all these symptoms are classic
hormone loss related. I question the severe sudden appearing joint
pain I am having being due to overweight as you have indicated, while
this can most certainly be a contributor, if you'll look back through
my records, since March, I have been in for back pain, knee pain,
hip pain, elbow joint pain, then back pain again.

The last year of being your patient, I have never come in with any multiple
traveling joint pain. All of these have been severe pain which came on by
no action, most of them I just "awakened with". This last week, as soon
as the back pain left, I woke up the very next morning, with severe pain
in my left foot, on the top, so bad I could hardly walk or wear shoes.
It has been with me for six days now. (the foot pain actually ended up
"with me" for 3 weeks, then mysteriously disappeared as quickly as it
appeared!). I have also had pain in my thumb joints, yesterday, the top
joint on my pinky finger was very painful.

I realize this letter is long, but I don't feel like there is ample time
at a visit to truly convey to you all that is happening with me. I do not
want to feel bad, I am not a complainer, I lived with the pain of endo
for six years, several years before that I recovered from a compressed
disc in my lower back without EVER having to take narcotic pain medication
even once. I am beginning to think you see me as a hypochondriac. I did
not even have a family doctor up until last year...never needed one! Only
the GYN. I also gather that you think all these problems are from being
overweight and "deconditioned" as you said, while this is true, I have
battled my weight since my hormones kicked in at age 11. I know my body
and the lower extremity pain I could possibly understand, however, I
do not think the upper extremity pain is from being overweight. I was
in bed for three days with the recent back pain that I just "awakened"
with, right before that, I spent two weeks being sick with the flu or
URI. The day I woke up and realized I was better from that, was the day
that I could not walk or sit with the back pain. How do I keep waking up
from a nights sleep with all these things wrong with me. It has been
constant and it is wearing me down.

I am tired Dr. _____. I want so much to feel better. I have never been a
person that was zipping with energy, but have always been active,over the
last five years, have worked two jobs, raised my daughter alone and have
always been proactive in my life and with my health. On a positive note,
I do stretching exercises most everyday, don't eat beef, pork, fried or
fatty foods, very little sweets, don't do any drugs or drink alcohol.

Thus far, I do not feel any better on the Estratest. I believe I feel
worse, I truly think my body does not tolerate synthetic hormones. I feel
very bloated and began having cystic type breakouts shortly after taking
them. What I would like to try is natural compounded hormones from a
compounding pharmacy. I belong to a group of women who've had
hysterectomies, many are reporting feeling much better with this form of
hormone replacement. There are 800+ members, most all of the women that
take synthetic hormones report not feeling well on them. The information
on Women's International Pharmacy is enclosed for your review. Their
pharmacist made a recommended starting dose based on my symptoms. I am
hoping very much that getting hormonally balanced will solve some of
these health problems I am having. I don't think this will be covered by
my insurance, but at this point, I would pay whatever it costs!

The purpose of this letter was not just to get you to prescribe this for
me, I planned on asking you about it at my next visit, but also for you
to get to know me as your patient, in the hopes we can continue to have a
good doctor/patient relationship.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

After consultation with the pharmacy, my doctor did indeed prescribe
nhrt for me, we started with oral capsules which did not work well for me, my nhrt journey can be
read on my journal pages listed in the links below.


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