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Natural Hormone Replacement, NHRT, Bio Identical Hormones-

Many people think natural hormone replacement means, herbs, supplements,
something you buy at the health food store. Some are turned off by the name
- natural hormone replacement, thinking it is just herbs or a health food store type "supplement".

Indeed, there are such products, they are plant based natural
progesterone and phytoestrogen products that are available
over the counter (OTC), and they are usually sold in health food stores.

These products do have a true physiological action in the body, which I experienced myself.

I would not use any estrogen replacement (ERT) after my tah/bso to prevent recurring
endometriosis. About two months after my surgery, I began having hot flashes and drenching
night sweats. I remembered reading Dr. John Lee's book, "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You
About Menopause", and the benefits he talked about from using natural progesterone cream.

Dr. Lee cautions in the book, that all OTC counter progesterone creams
are not alike, there is reference in his book to OTC natural progesterone
creams that have enough active ingredient in them to be beneficial.

I bought Progest, from a local health food store, much to my amazement, it really did
help me a lot with hot flashes and night sweats...matter of took them away
completely after two weeks and helped me feel much better.

I used Progest with much success until the full blown symptoms of
hormone loss set in about 8 months post tah/bso.

I am not a proponent of OTC progesterone creams for a woman who has had her ovaries
removed, I do not think it is "enough" as a replacement
for the complete loss of ovarian hormones. Especially the younger a woman
is when she has her ovaries removed and hormone production is stronger.

The "nhrt" I speak of here, are more appropriately called,
Bio Identical Hormones. As the following author explains: Natural Human Hormones{1}

"Natural human hormones are manufactured by a biochemist in a
chemical laboratory or drug company. The biochemist extracts the base
molecule from soybeans or yams, then adds the necessary carbon,
oxygen, and hydrogen atoms to the base molecule. The resulting molecule
is bio-identical to the human molecule.

The hormones produced in this manner are exactly like the same hormones
present in the human body and already created by nature.

This product is then made into an inject-able hormone or placed into
oral capsules, sublingual tablets, and vanishing cream."{1}

Bio Identical hormones can be superior to pharmaceutical hormone
preparations, because they are able to be tailored for our own
bodies and system, we are able to change their delivery form
(oral, sublingual, transdermal cream), their components
(we can try Tri Estrogen, Bi Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA)
we can add or subtract any of these components that might not be
working well, (with the help of consultation with compounding pharmacists
that are knowledgeable about hormones and nhrt and our doctor of course),
we can use saliva testing as a companion to therapy to affirm or
deny what may or may not be working, and we can change dosage amounts
of particular hormones within our prescription. Hormone replacement
is not one size fits all, we are all individuals with our own unique
chemistry and physiological makeup.

We have lost the ability to produce "estrogens", progesterone
and testosterone, why would we (or doctors) think these very things we
lost do not need to be replaced? All of them. They are not
only for reproduction, all of these hormones have far reaching
effects throughout our systems and interact with other organs,
hormones, chemicals and neurotransmitters.

Obtaining Bio Identical Hormones

NHRT can be a bit of a challenge. It takes a little more work getting
it than just getting that script from the doctor, but if you educate
yourself about nhrt and the process and find a good compounding
pharmacist to work with I don't think you'll be disappointed with the
results. Sometimes it takes some adjustments, and sometimes it takes
weeks, or even a few months before the full effects of nhrt or any hrt
can be felt. Even with nhrt, and waiting and all your symptoms might
not be resolved right away, the fact that you are using a hormone
compound that is an exact molecular match to what your body *made*
therefore much more effective and less, if any negative side
effects because the body doesn't have all these foreign compounds
to try and assimilate, to me, makes it worth it.

All of the compounding pharmacists I have talked to have been great !!!
You won't find one at the large chain drugstores. They usually
work in smaller pharmacies that do specialized compounding
for medications. You may have one or more, in your town and not know it!!!

Open your phone book and look under pharmacies, look at the ads,
see if any of say they are a compounding pharmacy, it will usually
say right in their ad. If not, I would recommend going to the
next largest town and checking the listings there.
If you can't tell by their ad in the phone book if they are a
compounding pharmacy or not, call some of the smaller pharmacies, if you find
one that says they have are a compounding pharmacy, call, ask
if they compound bio identical hormones, tell them you had a
hysterectomy or TAH/BSO, are having health problems or lingering
symptoms, and want to try Bio Identical hormones.

If they compound nhrt, they will work with you and your doctor
to get you the right mix of hormones and dosage, there are
many compounding pharmacists who are very knowledgeable about
nhrt and can assist you and be a great resource.

My symptom relief and health improvements have been steady and reliable.
After developing fibromyalgia and many endocrine system changes,
I was near disabled before beginning bio identical hormones. I suffer
from no negative side effects that I am aware of. Many of the serious
ill health effects I suffered from post TAH/BSO have lessened, some are gone totally.

NHRT is not for everyone, I have had some women contact me and
tell me nhrt did not work for them, (I do wonder if they were able
to adjust the hormones and/or dosage enough to get the right
replacement for them as individuals), if your using a pharmaceutical hrt
and it is working well for you I wouldn't change it. Why do I say this?
someone wrote and asked? Because if you are using any form of hrt and it
is working for you, alleviating your symptoms and you
feel good, why change what isn't broke??

Nothing can replace what our bodies made naturally. If we suffer
from serious health effects and symptoms due to ovarian removal
and hormone loss, we may never feel exactly as we did before,
hrt/nhrt is not a miracle cure. Obtaining and regaining
hormone balance takes trial and error sometimes, it takes patience
and persistence in whatever form you choose. It takes giving a chosen
therapy at least 3-6 months to see optimal results, unless the side
effects are so negative that you cannot continue.

Most of all, it takes what you believe in and what works for you!
What works, diminishes your symptoms and hormone related health
Problems (and yes, we know what they are, even
if a doctor tells us otherwise!).

I have found it is almost best to contact a compounding
pharmacist first, if you want to try nhrt, they often have
doctor referral information of doctors that are prescribing nhrt,
it's much easier to go to one that is already prescribing it
to their patients than to try and convince a doctor who is not
familiar with nhrt. I have put together a large databases of
compounding pharmacists across the U.S. so if anyone's looking
for one in their area, please check the compounding pharmacy
listing page. (link at the bottom of this page)

If you're interested in bio identical hormones, call a compounding pharmacist
today!~ I cannot stress the importance of complete, low side effect,
as close to what our bodies *made* hormone replacement,
natural compounded hormones are that. I have a deep gratitude to
every compounding pharmacist out there they helped me at a time
when no one else could.

I hear from women everyday! who are suffering so much with health problems after ovarian removal.

Upon presenting to their doctors, often with severe symptoms post
hysterectomy, women are told things like: (honest!!)

"Estrogen is all you need",
"Progesterone is only needed for supporting a pregnancy",
"Your weight gain has nothing to do with having had a hysterectomy" (no, but
it does have to do with hormone loss and malfunction of the endocrine system!)
"It's because you are overweight"
"You need more exercise"
"You need a brain scan"
"You're just not getting enough attention from your husband"(*whew* whoever
said that one needs a bonk on the head!:o)
"It's due to stress"
"Premarin is the solution"
"Yes, its normal to have body aches and joint pains at 37"
"You shouldn't concentrate on the negative things so much"
"These side effects, health problems are rare"
(ask any of us who are post hyst/tah/bso, how "rare" they are!)

Statements such as these infuriate me. I can't imagine being a doctor, a
patient coming to me, expressing all these problems and not trying to help, offer
solutions, compassion or at least address them. I have gotten blank stares from
doctors, conveyed these seriously debilitating symptoms and have them not
even acknowledge them !

If you have had your ovaries removed and are plagued with continuing
health problems, and don't' feel your hrt is working, please check into by prescription
bio identical hormone replacement.


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