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There are many ways you can help in raising awareness on the effects of
hysterectomy, ovarian removal and the need for safe, effective
hormone replacement options for women.

I began Hysterectomy Awareness 5 years ago, the website that started
with one page has now grown to 36+ pages, offering my own experiences,
and those of hundreds of other women who have been
generous to share
their experiences so that they might help others facing similar circumstances,
as well as research and resources I have gathered.

Helping those that are contemplating hysterectomy, have already had
hysterectomy and/or ovarian removal, and are struggling with health
problems as a result of severe hormone loss, and those in search of
information and resources on NHRT (Bio Identical Hormones),
IS my life's work, my greatest passion, and something
I am blessed to be able to do.

My dream is to be able to work on these issues full time, continue to
help other women find resources and information, and work educating the
public and communicating with health care professionals and
officials on these crucial issues that effect women's
health and future generations of young women.

I have worked two jobs for the last 6 years, and spend much of my
spare time working on my website, answering email from women and their
family members, and working on a book of many stories that have
been sent to me over the years that tell such a tale of women and
their families suffering, and cry out of the need for
change in so many areas of women's health care.

I will publish this book, if it means using
my own funds somehow to do it.

I am also in need of physician referrals for doctors
that can help with the complicated issues of:

Women in need of NHRT/HRT who also have diabetes

Women in need of NHRT/HRT who also have thyroid

Women in need of NHRT/HRT who have had cancer

Women with these additional health problems face
special challenges after ovarian removal in trying
to get the appropriate hormone balance.

If you know of a great doctor anywhere in the U.S. in the area of post
hysterectomy care, endometriosis, fibromyalgia or nhrt/hrt,
please email me and let me know as I am building a doctor referral database.

I am also in need of leads on a publisher who
might publish the proposed book.

Last but not least, if you are a woman who has had hysterectomy
with or without ovarian removal and have suffered health problems
as a result, you can help by networking with other women, sharing
information and resources. So many women have hysterectomies
for conditions that there may be other alternatives for and often have
no idea of the potential consequences to their health.

Do not stay silent about any challenges or suffering you are
experiencing, the medical community at large still believe women's
lives are *great* after having all their female organs removed.

Financial Disclaimer

This website, nor the author receives any compensation from any outside
source, individual, organization, or business entity.

The affiliate program in conjunction with provide modest referral
fees of less than $100. a year.

The much anticipated and long awaited:


Misinformed Consent - 13 Women Share Their
Stories About Unnecessary Hysterectomy
by Lise Cloutier Steele
Foreword by Stanley T. West, M.D., FACOG
and Author of The Hysterectomy Hoax

The U.S. Edition of Misinformed Consent, published by
Next Decade, Inc., is now available through

To order a copy online, click on the book below:

The U.S. edition of Misinformed Consent will be released in
early 2003 by Next Decade, Inc. of New Jersey.

UPDATED: 01/10/10

Jeannah McElroy. 2003


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