Fun & Stuff !!

How's about some games???

Wheel of Fortune Online!!
Wheeeeeeeeeeee!! Where's Vana???*LOL*

Kids Domain
Downloads, Grown Ups Place, Online games &
contest!! Losta fun!

Try some astrology!!

This is a great site...the author is really
funny!! Great stuff!!

The Underground Astrologer

Astro Advice

A great full service astrology site! Free birth
chart and readings!! Really!!
Its free and very good!!

Mae West Quotes...Gotta Love Her!!

More Fun??? Send A Free Electronic Greeting to
your friends, family or that someone special!!

Here are some of the best!!
Blue Mountain Arts

Great Cards!!! The even have Cha Cha the
dancing baby!!!

Yahoo Greetings

Great Selections !

OK!! There's FUN to be found all over on
the net...! There's ideas for fun with
about everything you can imagine...Here's a few!



MAIL ?? !

Valentines --->-->@

Virtual Pets at Neopets :o)

Trivia! @ The Trivia Portal

Parent Soup Fun & Games

Vacations-YeaH! @ Southwest Airlines

EmBoSsInG? Fun with Embossing? Why Not!

Fun with Windows! WinSite

Fun for Nurses :o)

Fun with Books! Yup!! Books R' Fun

Fun at


Fun In The Garden !

The Birthday Game--Win Millions

Well....! Who knows!!!

Diaries?? Get yours!

Family Fun.. wheeee!

Have Fun With The Kids !

Romance?? Have Fun With Your Significant Other !

Ok..! The Dog then!

Love A Mystery? Me too!!

Refrigerator Magnets..hmmmm! Could be fun :o)

Rebates! Yeah...definately fun!!

More Fun !!

Shopping! Oh yeah!! It's all here!

Fun with Faces? Check this out

Free Stuff??
Don't forget! Read the Small Print!!

Fun & Silly Greetings! Give someone a smile!

Fun Tests!! Your personality needs a test??

IQ Test!..Ok..your brain then!

Solve A Case! At Mysterynet!

Games! They're All Here!

Fun With Words :o)
Oh! be careful with them too !

Fun Site Of The Day

Sites That Do Stuff! (I love that)! If none of the above does it!

Cool Graphics by...Cool Archive!!

Thanks for stoppin in...C Ya!!

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