~A Few Of My Favorite Things~


~These are a few of my favorite things~

My daughter Tiffany is one of my most favorite things,
right at the top of the list!! She's 27 and as
sweet and smart as she is beautiful, she is truly
a beautiful soul and am thankful for her everyday.

and now we have beautiful Ms. Emma too!

*~Tiffany~* A loving pictorial

My family would be next, mom, bro, my gorgeous neice Jade and her equally
gorgeous young son, Jayden, don't have pictures of them scanned yet though, we live close
and see each other frequently, they are some of the
greatest people I know.

Love You!!!! Mr. Jayden

The family at Joto's for mine and Jade's birthday dinner 07'

Here's an older picture of my mom and dad. My dad was killed in a
construction accident when I was 16, he was 38, mom and dad
had been divorced for a few years and mom and I had just
moved to Florida, we'd only been here for two months when it
happened, you may have heard of it, The Willow Island Disaster
in St. Mary's, WV, it was a terrible tragedy, 55 men lost
their lives that day, including my dad, he was an AWESOME man,
a loss I will never get over.

LOVE you both Mom & Dad

Here's my dad :o) He was tall (6'3") and handsome, everyone always says
I look a lot like him. I can remember when I was six, looking up at my dad,
thinking he was the most handsome man in the world! He was a caring,
gentle man with a great sense of humor and a zest for life.
Dad, your ~light~ still burns bright~

Please read my tribute:

To My Dad-Richard Paul Swick

Read more about the Willow Island Disaster

Many thanks to the author of this web site and for
all those that remember and keep us in your prayers.

My dog Sydney is another one of my favorite things, isn't he
a handsome devil? *L* He's an Australian terrier and is seven.
He's got quite the personality, and is very loyal and brings
me many smiles and much love, one of my very best friends!

**Rest in Peace my Sydney boy**

Sydney was hit by a car and killed on April 04, 2003, my (then) husband left him out
on the porch for a minute while he went inside, Sydney likely ran out into
the road after a squirrel or a cat, he was like that, you really couldn't take
your eyes off him outside. I still miss him every single day.
He was 9 and such a delight and one of my
very best friends. Will wait to see you on the ~Rainbow Bridge~ Mr. Sydney.....
Love!!!!! Mom

Next would have to be music, there was always music in
our house, it was the 70's after all, and I grew up listening to
some great stuff: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Led Zepplin, Seals &
Crofts, Loggins and Messina, Santana, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple.
My dad was the rock fan in the house. I would however, always be down
in our really cool basement with black lights, a water bed, a great
stereo system, whenever I could, I'd listen to Bette Midler,(mom's stuff :o)
Leon Russell, Elton John, The Temptations (wooo! Can't get next to you
babe), Diana Ross & The Supremes (I was singing their songs when I was
eight). Even at a young age, I liked music that "moved" me.

Mike Morningstar*!*

An awesome musician from *home*! Check out Mike's
web site and the sound of his awesome *electric hickory stick!

I listen to music everyday and love to sing, music and singing
bring true joy into my heart and soul, I guess I'm a bit of a
dramatist too. Nothing formal or fancy, just singing my heart
out in the car, with the stereo or radio. I drive people nuts, I
get stuck on one piece of music and I wear it out! I can't help it!
Truly I cannot!! *L* wouldn't want to anyways :o)

Stevie Ray Vaughan was/is, as far as I'm concerned,
"THE" best guitar player and musician of our time,
actually *anytime*. I discovered Stevie's music
shortly before his life was tragically ended in a
helicopter crash, an enormous loss to the world
of music! and the world at large.

Good gawd could that man make a guitar sing, and
wail and caress your innards *S*

Now! If you haven't seen Stevie play, you are
missing one of the most magical, special things
you'll ever see....the man is one with his guitar
and music....you see God when you watch Stevie
play. As far as I know, three videos are available
Live at the El Macambo, Live in Austin Texas and
Pride & Joy. If you're a fan, get them all! watching
Stevie play is heaven on earth...

I'll never forget the day I heard it on the news,I
was on my way home from work and heard it on the
car radio, disbelief flooded in and I cried for
the loss of such an artist, such a soulful being.

Pride & Joy-Stevie Ray-You Still Burn Bright

I'm a leo so I love lions, and gold, tasteful gold though, not
gawdy gold, us lioness's must always be tasteful you know *S*
I like most anything that's sparkly and shiny, I am truly a proud
lioness at heart! I can roar when I need to, which is seldom, just
don't mess around in my den, with my family or my cub!

Here I am....

Coffee !! Yeah..! Gotta have it~

Hazelnut's my favorite, I drink flavored coffee every day....because!
I love it...and...why save it for a special time? Life's short ya know!!!

Roses would have to be next, when I look at a rose,
I know there is a God, no one else could have created
anything as breathtakingly beautiful and as perfect

Flower T.V. - how cool is that??

Beautiful Background Compliments of:

Boogie Jacks~

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