~Ms. Emma~ My second love

We loved you before we met you!

Ms. Emma Katherine arrives

Pretty in Pink

Mommy's love & kisses~

~baby toes :o)

Zero to mad in less than 5 seconds!

too sweet for words

a picture of Emma in her crib from the baby monitor view
aka: Emma t.v.

Sleeping beauty

Emma likes sleeping on Grandma

Deja vu for me, looks so like her mommy when she was a baby

an angel sleeps

Emma and Me - 09.12.07


lil swimmer girl!

~sigh~ Emma smiles

Mommy & Emma at Jayden's 4th Birthday - 09.16.07

Grandma & Emma on Grandparents Day 07'

Mommy & Emma getting ready for a walk at Island Park

Mommy & Emma. My best girls!!

Emma relaxin at Grandma's

Ms. Emma at the Pumpkin Festival

Beautiful eyes!

the 2nd most cutest face I have ever seen :o)

~the perfect balance

my little pooh

Christmas with Ms. Emma :o)

taken today, 12.27.07. My mom babysits for Emma while my daughter works so I am lucky enough to
get to see her and my daughter almost everyday ~sigh~

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