To My Dad - Richard P. Swick

I wrote the following poem on 04/29/78, it was the
week of the funeral after my dad was killed, I
think these were the sentiments of many people
there who loved him.

All the words we have to say,
are too late for you today

All the things we never did,
and the emotions we sometimes hid,
are pouring out of us all today...
and we know you hear us from far away

We loved you whether together or apart,
and you'll always have a very special
place in our hearts

We want you to know,
You were loved far and near
and especially to those close to you,
you will always be dear

Nothing will ever fill the emptiness we feel
but we'll never forget about you, our happy
memories will keep you real

You'll always be alive,
in a part of every one of us

And now we want to thank you for bringing
so much love and happiness into our lives

Thank you kind and gentle man,
for bringing so much sunshine

Jeannah Lea Swick

My Dad, "Dick Swick" as most friends and family knew him, was a wonderful man, kind, gentle, funny, a wise and giving soul. His life and presence gone from this earthly plane way too soon, having fallen to his death, with 51 other men, in one of the worst construction accidents in U.S. history, "The Willow Island Disaster".

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