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This page was designed for women who are experiencing more severe
problems post hysterectomy, or tah/bso.

A place to connect, contact and support someone
experiencing similar problems.

I'll add as many categories as you ladies send in!

To be included, send me and email, request to be included
on the *Connections* page with a brief description of your
problem/s and your email address and I'll add it here then others
(Please know that your email address is added with a "script" that
does not allow spam bots to pick it up!)
with the same problem can contact one another.

Don't forget to check back and see if there is someone
you would like to contact under your category.

I'll use my own as an example:


Jeannah-(you don't have to use your name), 40,
TAH/BSO, 07/17/97 for endometriosis, adhesions,
ovarian cysts, would like to connect with others
suffering from fibromyalgia after hysterectomy

Bioidentical Hormones

My name is sandey,39 and in to my 12th year of a complete hysterectomy, from a result
of severe endometriosis. I have suffered with all the problems that come with it.
I have been to doctors of all sorts and no answers. I have given up on synthetic hormones
and I have just begun to use Natural hormones. Biest.25mg/prog 20mg/ test.5m. in
a lozenge I am concerned about the progesterone,, and am looking for anyone who has
been on or still is on a similar formula.. I am concerned because I worry it will
make me gain more weight than I already have. I would like to know how others have felt
on the natural hormones compared to the others. my email address is


My name is Valerie.
I am 41 years old, considering a hysterectomy with ovaries removed as well.
I had breast cancer 3 years ago, my sister and mother also have had in past.
Reason I am considering surgery is I have an ovarian cyst, and am
also concerned about ovarian cancer risk which is reason for this surgical
option. I cannot take any form of estrogen after surgery and am trying
to decide if changes or possible shock to my system so suddenly is worth it.

I would like to know if anyone else has had the same surgery with no hormonal
replacement afterward and what her experience has been.


Hi there, My name is Alana and i'm 32years old. I
have endometriosis. I have 2 children but I now have
to go for a total laparoscopy as well as BSO. I'll be
put on estrogen at time of surgery. I'd like to talk
with other women and get some insight as to what I
will be going through.


Lillian- I am 25 yrs old and I had a TVH BSO in Aug
of 96 due to endometriosis. Since then I feel as
though I am not as connected with my children or
loved ones. I realize that this might just be
depression, but I have taken medication and I still
don't feel "right." I was wondering if there were
others out there with similar experiences.

I had a abdominal hyst. 2 1/2 yrs. ago and have had a
great deal of trouble since then. More than I could
ever have anticipated and much more than any doctor
was willing to admit could happen. Also one ovary was
removed although this was unnecessary since a laser
would have removed the cyst that was there.

Flat emotions and change in personality are some of
the most upsetting side effects from my hyst.


Allergic to Hormones!

After a overectomy five years ago, I have no libido, stay dry and have pain during
intercourse. I have tried many home remedies and read many books and info with no luck!
More than anything I want to connect with anyone having the same issues.

I developed fibromyalgia one year after my surgery. I have gained 50 lbs and most
days am fatigued. My doctors theory was if he was taking one ovary out for cysts,
then he wasn't doing it again in three months, so take them both now. There was no
discussion and no tests to see if I was allergic to hormones. I am now the poster
child for women to be tested with hormones before any hysterectomy.



Robbed of my youth...

My name is Tamera. I am 48 and I had a radical hysterectomy with my ovaries removed
(only because of endometriosis) I was 23 years old. I feel like I was robbed of my youth,
health, and child bearing years. For years, I took HRT Premarin, etc the shots in my hips once
a month until I was 40 years old, I suffered so many side effects for years on HRT that
I stopped taking them all together eight years ago. I can't find a Doctor that really seemed
to care about me and how I feel, they just dismiss it for depression and gave me anti-depressants,
you just feel like it just does not even matter and your going crazy, then you think maybe
I am so I better take these pills just to deal with it. I don't want to just deal with it,
and if I have to I want answers.

Doctors have told me that I don't need to take hormone replacement anymore, because
"I was too old now and well you've been off them for eight years, must be OK." Since going
off HRT, I have continued to gain weight, 45 pounds in the last five years, my hair falls out,
I have very little, if any sex drive, I feel depressed many day and better others, I have foggy
thinking and memory issues, I've returned to college only to find that I can not focus or
concentrate. I have gotten 2 inches shorter, "REALLY" my bones are weak, I have back and joint
pain, GRT and allergic to all sorts of things, never was before. I have fatigue, can't sleep,
for years it just goes on and on with out any solutions or explanations.

I hear that having a hysterectomy takes years off your life due to heart and organ failure due
to loss of valuable hormones. Can some one tell me is this true, and do you really need to
take HRT? I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone, doctors alike. I've lived with
this for 25 years now, I try to warn other women not to do this, but so many trust their
doctors and won't listen. I would love to join a support group of us women to give
and get support, how wants to join? or if you just want to share email me at:


I would like to be added to your "Connections" to get some support from others that
may have experienced some MAJOR complications following their hysterectomy.

I am 42 years old (Married) and just had my surgery TAH/BSO on 3/13/06 for Endometriosis, PCOS,
Menorrhagia, Pelvic Pain and years of horrible symptoms that just became exasperated after
doing a round of Lupron in 1996 (?). I have been using a bio-identical topical Progesterone
cream and am now using a Climara patch until I can get to my Nurse Practitioner that was
handling my HRT prior to my surgery. I thought I did great and was released two days later,
although I did have some back pain and nausea that I thought was from the pain meds.
The following night, my back pain became more severe. I figured it was from laying around and
using muscles I wasn't used to using or possibly from having the spinal anesthetic.
I saw my Dr on the 17th, and he suspected a problem with my left kidney. He ordered a
STAT Cat Scan and low and behold, my left kidney wasn't draining.
He told me that I had some bleeding on the left side during my surgery
and that he had to stitch and cauterize that area. I was taken back to the OR where the
Urologist scoped my bladder and tried to get a stent up the left ureter (tube that drains
kidney into bladder). He was unsuccessful, so I was sent down to Radiology where they
performed a per-cutaneous Nephrostomy (inserted a tube thru an incision in my ribs and into
my kidney). I now have a tube that leads out of my left side and drains my left kidney
into a foley bag attached to my thigh. The Drs. are unsure if my left ureter has been
"damaged" or just "irritated" and then swelled, became kinked, and blocked the flow of urine into my bladder.

I am in the middle of the waiting game right now. My Urologist and GYN want me to heal for
about 4 weeks before attempting to inject some contrast into the Nephrostomy tube.
This may tell them if my ureter has calmed down/healed and whether it is open, and if
so, they will try to stent me again. If stenting is unsuccessful,
I will require a trip to the OR to repair the ureter.

I have been very depressed, am in a lot of pain, both in my abdomen and my left side, and a
nerve was irritated from my abdominal incision that feels like a flame from a torch is
melting my skin near my pubic bone and inner groin. Has anyone else suffered this burning
pain from a severed nerve? If so, how long did it last? What type of treatment gave
you relief? My pain meds aren't helping that at all and it is more painful than anything
else I have going on. Could some of my depression (sobbing) be caused from the loss
of my ovaries? I am using the same amount of Progesterone cream I did prior to
the surgery, but added a Climara patch right after surgery that I am to change once a
week. I was taking Wellbutrin 150 SR once a day prior to surgery and that has now been
increased to twice a day for about 4 days. Any comments,
suggestions, or support would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,




I'm 43 and had a TVH/BSO about 1 year ago. Since then I've been checked for symptoms doctors
thought was MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, tumors, fibromyalgia, you name it. They have decided
I have a central nervous system injury from kick-boxing some years ago. HMMMM... How convenient.

Meanwhile I have been on HRT- EVERY kind and combination - for 8 years and Synthroid twice
(without good results). Still have all the menopause problems plus, weight gain, muscle
tremors/ticks, crushing fatigue at the most inopportune instances, no libido, depression,
and general unhappiness. I just don't enjoy much of anything it seems like. I was never
this pathetic before! I walk almost daily, take pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minimize
my consumption of processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, carbs and get plenty
of protein, took time off work to "heal", changed jobs to something less stressful.
What else is there that I can possibly do?


To contact Dea:



I am 31 years old and I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 28. I am on Premarin 1.25 a day.
Since my hysterectomy I have gained 20 lbs and I am overly emotional. I would like to hear
from other women who are going through post hysterectomy changes. My Doctor swears by the Premarin
and says it doesn't cause weight gain only the food I eat will. I would like to hear about
alternatives to Premarin and if weight gain is a very common occurrence.
Thank you. Holly.

To contact Holly:


My name is Norma. I had a hysterectomy 12 years ago. My problem is that about 3 years ago
my doctor put me on the Climara patch 0.06 mg. I have since then had vaginal bleeding and
I have gained 30 pounds.I exercise daily and I watch what I eat so I donít understand why
I have gained the weight.My doctor has no explanation,and she donít think the bleeding
is from the patch but when I donít use the patch there is no bleeding.And as to the weight
gain she tells me to diet, I have tried everything and nothing works. Can anyone please help?
Iím at the end of my rope with this doctor she donít seem to have any idea what to do. Please help.

Thank you,

To contact Norma:


hysterectomy 12/5/85 at age 35
TAH/BSO for endometriosis, adhesions, ovarian cysts
Problem current: Would like to connect with others who are
developing Osteopenia and are seeking natural hormone replacement.


My name is Carlene. I am 45 and I had a hysterectomy with my ovaries removed
(only because of fibroids) a year ago. I have no energy, I become
enraged and cry very easily, have no libido, memory loss, foggy thinking,
am gaining weight, depressed, etc. If anyone has experienced this and
found a way to fix it, please help!


I'm Monica. 11 years ago, at the age of 33, I had a vaginal hysterectomy due
to prolapse of the uterus, bowel and bladder. I "bled out" after the surgery,
because of some headache medicine I had taken the week before my surgery,
and required a blood transfusion as well as a laproscopic surgery to
repair the bleeder, within 2 hours after the first surgery.

I had an extremely difficult time recovering from these back-to-back surgeries,
and my strength and energy have never fully returned. I suffer from all the maladies
you name, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain of 60lbs - which I have since lost,
loss of libido, fatigue, joint pain and muscle aches, trouble
sleeping, depression, brain fog, memory loss, etc.

I have lost my marriage due to the loss of libido. Apparently, that was not
covered under, "for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and
in health." Now in mid-life (age 44) and partner-less, I feel that hysterectomy
has cost me much. I would like to join the team of women now trying to
sort out this mess. Would you please add my to your connections page?

My sincerest thanks for you effort in the post-hysterectomy crusade.



A letter from Tracy


First wanted to tell you that your not alone with how your feeling. Many of us
out here have the same issues and have been looking for answers. I just wanted
to share with you a book i just finished reading and might be of use to you.
It's called " Screaming to be heard.... Hormonal connections women suspect and
doctors ignore" written by Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet. This book made things very
clear and gave me places to look to see if my issues we due to my low estrogen
levels. I have a consult today for possible adenomyosis/fibroids with nasty
symptoms. Been told a hyst might be in my near future. Please read it it could
help you get the help you need. This Dr. also has some information online
if you type her name into google you will find it.
Good luck.


UPDATED: 10/29/10

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